Catheter are currently out on a European tour but took the time to answer R13s' questions via email as a collective. As they're busy on the road some of the answers are a touch short.

R13: There is a big gap between your two albums, why has it taken this long to release your second?
C: There has been a great deal of lineup changes in the past three years since the first album but we have consistently released records in the time since our first full release. We focused on the song writing instead of trying to just pump out records as soon as possible, so it wasn't any race to release a follow up.

R13: How has the band developed in this time?
C: We practice a lot and have invested a lot of time in to honing our skills and playing tighter and just exploring with our song writing.

R13: How would you describe your music to somebody who is yet to hear it?
C: Hardcore thrash grind.

R13: Is creating music a team effort or do certain members of the band take the lead?
C: We all take part in songwriting and everyone contributes to writing music as well as lyrically.

R13: How far round the world has your music reached?
C: All over the map, dude.

R13: When will people in the UK get the chance to catch you live?
C: We were there at the beginning of October of this year. You can read the tour journal from our European Tour 2005 with Wojczech(Germany) on our myspace page.

R13: What can people expect from your live shows?
C: Exactly the same as they get on the record, but a lot louder and sweatier.

R13: Which member of the band is the biggest nightmare on tour?
C: We are all nightmares on tour, but only to other people. Actually we're pretty nice, we just like to have fun and rock out with the kids.

R13: If you could create your dream festival line up to play alongside, who would be on it and where would it be?
C: Repulsion, Old Carcass, Cryptic Slaughter, Kreator, Amsterdam.

R13: What is the music scene like where you come from and how has this helped you develop as a band?
C: We have a pretty good DIY music scene along with a pretty solid bar show scene and there is a pretty solid interest in hardcore punk as well as grind and metal.

R13: What bands made you want to make music?
C: Too many to list, dude.

R13: Whose music are you really into right now?
C: Project Pat.

R13: If you could watch a fight between two other bands, who would they be and ideally who would lose?
C: Earth Crisis and One Life Crew and One Life crew would win because they're fatter.

R13: If you could choose anyone to produce the third album who would it be?
C: Dan Rathburn of Polymorph Studios.

R13: What would you like to achieve in the next few years?
C: Touring Japan and Southeast Asia, South America, Mexico, Canada. Recording and releasing records on our label 303 Records, including a split with Insect Warfare and Voetsek and a split tape with Wojczech.

R13: Thank you for your time and good luck with it all.