Simon Webb: You're all from different parts of the UK, how did you come together to form Early Year?
Early Year: Magnets.

SW: How would you describe your sound to somebody who had never heard it?
EY: Think The Beta Band, meets the Smiths, meets DJ Shadow remixed by Air Live !

SW: What classic record would you like to sample or base a track around?
EY: The Laughing Policeman

SW: Who is your dream producer or remixer to get their grubby mits on one of your records?
EY: DJ Shadow

SW: You're releasing EPs at the moment, when do you plan to bring out a full album?
EY: We are working on the album at the moment and aim to bring it out in the Spring/early Summer 2006.

SW: What can people expect from one of your gigs?
EY: Fat Bass, dirty samples and on-cores by the support bands,

SW: If you could perform a gig anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
EY: In the Cheers Bar, because everyone would know our name.

SW: Have you had any real onstage nightmares yet?
EY: Yes, we'd answer that question if it wasn't for the 125db's of feedback drowning it out !

SW: You're starting a club night, what can you tell us about that at the moment?
EY: Indeed we are, the night is called Nearly Yearly and the 1st one is at The Luminaire, Kilburn High Road, Friday 25th November. We've got 3 great bands playing and some shit hot DJ's to play us through to 2am. The Aeroplanes, great new band from Liverpool, The Pinch, we've seen these guys a few times, brilliant live band and of course us. Our 2nd EP comes out 28th Nov, so we wanted the 1st night around the same time to act as a launch party for the EP. Doors open 8pm and it's only a fiver on the door. Come down and check it out. Much fun will be had by all !

SW: What are the records that you would play to guarantee to make the night a memorable one?
EY: The Frog Chorus by Paul McCartney....

SW: If you could hire anyone, band or DJ past or present, what would be your ideal line up and also who would host it for you?
EY: Hosts, either Bob Holness or Henry Kelly. Acts would include: QOTSA, The Weather Report, Hendrix, Ant and Dec, Wu Tang clan and Girls Aloud. DJ's: Jimmy Salville and Tony Blackburn.

SW: What is your favorite part of London?
EY: Alexandra Palace.

SW: Whose music are you loving right now?
EY: The Pinch, QOTSA, Redjetson, RTP, Ladytron and the Editors.

SW: What was your first...
EY: Record bought: Everything I Do Bryan Adams
Gig attended: - Green Jelly @ Bristol Biere Keller,
Film seen at the cinema: Star Wars, Return of the Jedi.
Job: Butcher

SW: Where do you see the band in five years time?
EY: In re-hab, then we'll really know we've made it !