It seems Milton Keyne's finest Skacore export have been quiet over the last two years, but they're about to come back, and by the sounds of things they're going to do it in a big way!

They took a well earned break after touring their first two albums almost non stop, doing over 500 gigs in two years. Lead singer and sax player Jake also took time out to be with his new child and the whole band had to find jobs in the 'real world'. Hardly the life of punk legends you'd think! Well over that time the band has matured and they've been busy writing and recording a new album, produced by a good friend of theirs, the guitarist from Hundred Reasons Larry Hibbit. Although the album isn't due for release until later next year it's already complete and there will be single and video releases in January.

To help build up the momentum and make some cash, Capdown have been playing shows every weekend on the run up to Christmas and we were lucky enough to catch up with the band in York. Support came from Boom In The Diamond Industry, a funky, punky, more indie sounding band who totally blew the crowd away. They grooved and moved and worked the crowd into a dancing frenzy ready for Capdown to storm the stage. And storm it they did!

Although the majority of the set was new unreleased material all the classics were there. Starting with a note perfect MV4 the crowd went crazy, it was little wonder the venue had passed out flyers stating 'crowd surfing and stage invasions will not be tolerated' and Jake had to calm things down a bit on a few occasions, including asking for a slow dance to Ska Wars instead of the traditional circle pit! The crowd lapped it up and it was the perfect showcase for songs from the new album.

I'm expecting great things from Capdown next year, the new songs vary between the in your face hardcore to much more melodic yet catchy tunes. The band has even recruited a new keyboard and sampler player and the overall sound is tight and powerful. Every song stood out in its own way and there are some that I'm sure will be getting national radio airplay. These boys have been working very hard behind the scenes for several months now, if you get the chance to go see them before they head off on a big national tour next year then do it! I asked Jake to name his favourite three Capdown songs, I was expecting Ska Wars and Uncle Cleatus to feature but all he wanted to talk about was the new album. The band seem so pleased and confident with the songs claiming it's the best thing they've ever done, and I have to say I agree. The first two albums were recorded DIY style but this time everything was planned and worked on and written in advance. According the Jake it feels like a real album rather than a collection of songs. And no, it's not being released on a major label despite the rumours!

Capdown are coming back, and you'd better take notice!