Currently embarking on their first UK and European shows, The Agony Scene are tearing up venues alongside Lamb of God and DevilDriver. Guitarist Chris Emmons took some time to catch up with Room Thirteen and informed us what the band are making of it all so far.

R13: Given that it is the band's first time in the UK and Europe, are you finding much of a difference compared to playing back home?
CE: So far, we have only been in the UK but the shows have been really good. They're all big shows as we are playing with Lamb of God. It's been like the best nights back in the States but it's happening every night. The people have been great; I really like the people a lot.

R13: Have you had much time to see the sights in the UK?
CE: Not much. Today was the first time really and we saw a lot from the bus as we rolled into town. Usually the bus is parked up near an alley.

R13: After the line-up changes from the first record, is the band more settled now?
CE: It feels good. Stuff happens and people move on but the people we have brought in have been our friends, so it's been good. We've not just grabbed someone who can really play but maybe wouldn't fit in.

R13: What are your thoughts on the current state of music for bands like yourself?
CE: It's pretty good. There is a lot of stuff that I am into; of course there is a lot of good and bad, but there's a lot happening. In the U.S. heavy music is as popular as it has been in a long time, and over here it always seems very good.

R13: What are you currently listening to on the tour bus?
CE: He he, the same old shit! All the Deftones records for me.

R13: As you are now signed to RoadRunner Records, who would be your favourite RoadRunner act?
CE: Killswitch Engage. There is so much good stuff through the years, stuff like King Diamond but it's definitely Killswith Engage for me.

R13: How has the reaction been to your new record, 'The Darkest Red'?
CE: I'm happy with it and it's a little different. In fact, it's all been better, the shows have been better from the first record as well. Everything really but I am anxious to record the new album.

R13: Do you feel 'The Darkest Red' captures your sound and production better?
CE: It does but we had more time doing this record. The first album was done so fast and we didn't have the time to do a lot other than record the songs. For this one, we could get the sound really good and work on things.

R13: What are the band's plans for the New Year?
CE: We are going to have our first break in a year and take a month and a half off. We are then going back on the road in America and then hopefully, coming back to Europe. It would be great to play some festivals over here next year.

R13: If someone was contemplating coming to your show, how would you persuade them?
CE: Hehe, the other bands!! It's a great line up on this tour. I don't know, it's hard to say but everyone seems to be into it, so why not?

R13: As you are playing with two bands that you really like, what one song off the tour would you like to cover?
CE: It'll have to be Lamb of Gods 'One Gun'

R13: Do you have any final messages for your UK fans?
CE: Thanks so much for coming out to the shows. It's been incredible and mind blowing. Thanks and we hope to see you all soon.

R13: Chris, thanks for the interview and we hope the band continue to enjoy their stint in Europe
CE: Thanks man and thanks to Room Thirteen as well.

And with daylight starting to fade, Chris went off to prepare himself for another night's action and a well-deserved day off before The Agony Scene take on mainland Europe.