Jules from Little Fish recently took time out to talk to Room Thirteen about the kind of music that gets her excited, however first we need to find out how she'd describe her own work.

R13: If you had to describe your music to somebody who'd never heard it before, what would you say?
J: Song based, melodic, lyric driven, where the songs are an expression of how I feel.

R13: Who was it that first made you want to make music?
J: No one other than myself.

R13:What was the first gig you went to?
J: My first gig was a pub gig. I don't even know who they were but they were mates of my mates and they were doing all sorts of weird psychedelic shit on stage. I remember liking the smoke.

R13:What plans do you have for playing live over the next year or so?
J: I would love to tour - but life isn't always that dreamful is it! Let's see... who knows? Apparently if you see yourself doing something, it will happen.

R13: What can people expect if they see you play?
J: Some raw honest expression. A little eccentricity. Some broken strings and a brilliant drummer!

R13: If you could create your own festival line up to play on, who else would be on it and where would it be?
J: No constraints whatsoever? Mmmm.... I would love to be in the line-up with.... ummm... Jeff Buckley, Tim Buckley, Patti Smith, Van Morisson, The Doors, Frank Zappa, Ray Charles, The Beatles, B B King, Janis Joplin, PJ Harvey, The Strokes, Razorlight, Beth Orton, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrrix, U2, The Gossip Movement, Fela Kuti, Lady Smith Black Mombazo, Nirvana, Madonna, Mano Negra, Nick Drake, Sinead O'Conner, The Police, The Clash, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Led Zepplin, Radio Head, Joni Michell, Barabara, Jaques Brel and Beck...
Trust me, I've got a lot of catching up to do! The festival would be on a nudist beach on a tropical island. It'd be quite different, and spectacular!

R13: Who would you most like to work with in making music?
J: I would love to have written with Ray Charles or Barbara (A famous French Artist) - but they're in heaven now. So... I'd love to write with George Martin as producer or Sting as a writer. To me, they're both incredible visionaries. Noel Gallagher would also be quite interesting - he's a great writer too... we'd probably kill each other... I'd give us 5 mins in a room together or less!! Who knows?

R13: What song do you wish you'd written?
J: U2- Stuck In A Moment. Very simple song - that's a hard thing to get right. I like it for that. It's nothing more, nothing less than just right.

R13: What do you hope to achieve in 2006?
J: I'd like to be able to pay my rent and buy my food, as well as playing my music at every given opportunity!

R13: Do you know what you'll do in the New Year yet?
J: Maybe take a loan out, fly to LA, rent a car and busk my way across
America, from the West Coast to the East. Gonna see the landscapes, discover my mind, body and soul, drive, explore, adventure, and get pissed. Take photos; create another life and reality for a while.

R13: We've recently done our best albums of 2005 guide, what is your favourite album of the last twelve months?
J: Ummm...Razorlight impressed me, but I think that was also very much about Johnny B's sex appeal!

R13: Good luck with everything and thanks for your time.
J: Thanks, anytime. X