R13: For the readers who are not familiar with your music, please describe what you play and who you are.
W; This is Wojczech, We are a four piece band using four and six strings, drums, samples and vocals to play fast and moodily to compensate for our lousy existence somehow.

R13: Which one of your releases are you most proud of?
W: 'Sedimente', our current LP is closest to how we sound actually. I also love the split LP we did with Abusosonoro from Brazil in 1998 as we recorded it in an amplified living room in lima Peru and they came to Rostock in Eastern Germany that's what actually made it a split! But proud is a term I dislike using, I would prefer to call it satisfaction.

R13: When writing songs do you each off the band members add their own element or is it a team effort?
W: It's a total team effort. Otherwise we would call it a Singer/Songwriter backed up by some idiots playing his shit.

R13: What bands are you often compared to, or are you unique?
W: You cannot avoid being labelled. Due to my dissonant but crusty guitar work we got often been called a faster 'His Hero Is Gone'. Andi [Bassist] is really into waves from his bass lines and Danilo, our deaf singer only gets attracted to it if we speed the song up 130 beats per minute. We all love Earache, Peaceville and Manic Ears eighties hardcore. There you can see the influence.

R13: Many of your songs contain political themes, what inspires you to write them?
W: It's simple. Everything that fucks you up daily including yourselves. We've been personally much deader to topics such as reality and politics in our time of youth. With age comes more consciousness in a way which enables you to cope with bullshit reality.

R13: Do you have any plans to play the UK any time soon?
W: We just did the UK in October together with our buddies in Catheter. We liked it. We like British humour. I have to point out Stoke On Trent from that tour. That was a killer night, cheers to Atomgevitter and Alex for holding us up! We would love to come back for more than four dates next time.

R13: When will your next release be out and can you tell us a little bit about it?
W: Well we just released an LP but there is stuff coming up in the works. The planned split LP with Insuiciety got cancelled due to their unfortunate split up. We aim to record in 2006 for a 2nd LP and do a split with Catheter. More songs form Sedimente will probably get a remix from Der Braune Ton, mean breakcore/industrial versions of it.

R13: What would you ideal four man band line-up be?
W: I'm already in it. I very happy being in this band. Except our singer is deaf. That makes it hard sometimes.

R13: What event in your musical career are you most proud of?
W: Beside Wojczech, I occasionally do compositions for Theatre. I definitely think this is my personal favourite. For Wojczech my proudest moments are the first Brazilian tour in 1999 and the South East Asia tour in 2003. Both couldn't have got ant better!

R13: What is the biggest show you have ever played?
W: I guess it would have to be the Jogiakarta/Indonesia gig with a total amount
of 1100 at the venue.

R13 What do you think of 'Hardcore dancing' at shows? Do you think it's stupid or a bit of fun?
W: Getting in the right mood for a gig is fun. But violence at a gig? There is no need for such fuck heads.
R13: Do you prefer doing big open air festivals or intimate club gigs?
W Open air sound is shitty for its natural ambivalence. Grindcore belongs in its smoky holes! That captures raw energy in most terms.

R13: Finally, do you have any last words for the fans out there?
W: Get a Guitar instead of a Gun. Get a life outside your four walls. If you miss something in your life it's up to you to change it. And finally; Don't let anyone drag you down.

R13 Thank you for giving us some of your time.
W: Thanks & cheers dude! Grind on!