With current single 'I Know' cropping up all over the Internet, new band Lunar Mile have been making some waves on the hard-rock scene in the UK. Founder members Tom Williams (guitar) and vocalist Toni Marie chatted to Room Thirteen about influences, acoustics and on what the future holds.

R13: You have recently been playing some acoustic shows - how do these compare with your normal shows?
TW: The songs are re-arranged to fit the acoustic format and there is more of a relaxed vibe.

R13: Citing influences as varied as Led Zeppelin, No Doubt and Muse do you believe that genres are no longer as important as they used to be?
TW: These days the critics decide what genre you belong to so it's not really important to us.

R13: How would you describe your sound to new fans?
TW: Classic Modern Rock with Attitude!

R13: Last year, a new bassist and drummer joined the band. How did you find these members and what have the new members added to the band's sound?
TW: We were really lucky to find Alex and Rob. We all get on so well and have a lot in common. Since they joined I think we are developing a slightly heavier sound. We are a tighter band now and I think we are more versatile.

R13: 'I Know' features a good mix of rock riffs but extremely melodic vocals that would compete with some of the current pop tracks. Do you think that hard rock and metal is due a commercial and popular resurgence?
TW: Definitely. Rock music is becoming more mainstream again and there are a lot of old school rock bands reforming. They set an example for the rest of us!

R13: The band's song 'I Know' recently had its first airplay on Tony Iommi's "Black Sunday" rock show recently. Has his support and experience been of a benefit to the band?
TW: Of course, we are very lucky and much appreciate his support. We recorded our demo at Tony's studio and he's given us a lot of good advice.

R13: As many fans are aware of the bands rock history connections, are there any fears that there may be unreasonable expectations placed upon yourself to live up to?
T-M: People will always judge us and compare...that's life! We don't shout about our connections because we want to be recognised for our own merits, not who our fathers are.

R13: Do you feel that you are now starting to build a national fan base as opposed to just a local following?
TW: Yes, the internet has played a big part in that. We've had quite a bit of press lately and since then we've had so many hits on the website and a lot of people downloading our song.

R13: Are there any acts that the band would like to perform with this year?
TW: I'd like to play with Velvet Revolver (Tom), Scorpions (Toni) and Alex would definitely say Tool

R13: Does Toni-Marie feel any pressure to act as a female role model or are you of the opinion that only the music should matter?
T-M: I feel no pressure, but if people see me as a role model I take it as a compliment.

R13: Has there been any record label interest in you yet?
TW: Yes, previously but no deals have been talked about yet.

R13: With your single available to buy as a download, how important is the internet to getting your music and message across?
TW: It's very important. The Internet is the fastest growing advertising medium and we want to exploit that as much as possible. Anything to get our music heard!

R13: What are your plans for the year ahead?
TW: Continue to write and record more. We'd like to get a record deal and get an album out there!

With a well of experience to draw upon through their rock connections, Lunar Mile should be well equipped with their own brand of modern rock to make an impact in the current year.