Room Thirteen: Hello and thank you for taking the time for us at Room Thirteen. For the readers who don't know who you are, please could you describe who you are and what you do?
Jensen: My name is Jensen, and I play the guitar in Witchery.

R13: Your new album 'Don't Fear the Reaper' is released on February 27th, how do you think the media and the fans will respond to this?
J: I know now that the media loves it, judging from all the people I've talked to so far..I'm sure that the fans will love it too, cos this is music made by fans for if we love it, I think others will too.

R13: Will we UK fans be saying any festival shows this year? (Download, Damnation, Bloodstock etc) If not, how about some club shows?
J: We are planning on doing a release show in London, just cos the UK has always held a huge torch for Witchery. I remember playing London with
Moonspell and Kreator, and Witchery sold more tshirts than both other band
combined haha!

R13: Does your time with The Haunted and Sharlee's time with Arch Enemy affect the Witchery's schedule drastically?
J: Absolutely..And Martin playing with Opeth doesnt help much either. I'm of course glad for everyone's success, but I'd really love to tour with Witchery, and put out albums more regularly.

R13: When you write songs, is it a group effort or do you add individual ideas/songs?
J: I write more or less all of it. It is a group effort. Everyone can
contribute, which Richard and Martin do and have done in the past, but I
guess just I have a greater output rate of ideas haha.

R13: What do you think of bands that become big then completely change their style to become popular? Would Witchery ever do that if they knew it would sell them more records?
J: I don't think anyone who is familiar with Witchery could see us changing our style to become more popular...and regarding bands that in fact do
so... well, I don't care. I don't think there's much good music being put
out anyway, so today's music doesn't interest me enough to care.

R13: Would you ever cover a commercial pop song even for a b-side like a certain Children of Bodom did?
J: Sure, but it wouldn't be because we would want to become more would be just cos it's a good song, which I'm sure is the same
reason for Children of Bodom doing so too.

R13: If you could make one genre or sub genres of music disappear forever, which would it be?
J: Boring answer, but probably rap..or wailing RnB.. I hate that crap

R13: Do you believe your music offends people? What is you reaction to all
people who take offence to such a kind of music?

J: I hope it offends some people.. haha I know when I cranked Judas Priest at parties when I was younger people got offended. I think this kind of music needs people to get offended by it, it makes it all the more fun to play
it and listen to it.

R13: If you could go on tour with any band, which band would it be?
J: AC/DC with Bon Scott on vocals...or the original Mercyful Fate line-up

R13: What is your favourite Witchery song to play live?
J: Maybe 'The Reaper'...or 'All Evil'...dunno really. I have so many favourites.

R13: Finally, any last words for the fans out there?
J: That we really are doing our best to try to tour or at least to come and
play a festival close to you... Witchery is a band best experienced live,
which I can't say about the more part of all bands out there today haha...

R13: Jensen of Witchery, thank you very much for your time.
J: Thank you for your support!!