R13: Your parents were musicians too, what was your earliest memory of music?
Jake: Probably 'Wheels on the Bus' at playschool! More seriously, my earliest memory of music is listening to my dad play guitar when I was about 4 or five. He played everything from classical guitar to heavy metal, punk and all sorts in between. It just sort of developed into a fascination. I then started to develop my own taste in music.

R13: Your album seems to have a distinctly dark side and a more punk side; do you see these as two directions, or something you aim to combine?
J: The album has a lot of influences in it. When I was writing this album it was done in two main stages really and my direction took a slight shift. All in all, I feel that although there are a lot of different influences there's still an overlying feel to the music and to me that's more important rather than just pigeon holing myself into one genre of music and having to choose a set direction. The songs go through all the problems you get as a teenager. If you read the album booklet, for a bit of fun, we tied the songs together into a sort of story. I hope no-one takes this too seriously though!

R13: What would you like people to take away from your music?
J: I'd hope they feel exhausted but happy. There are some quite serious and dark subjects in the songs, but the music is fast, fun and energetic, and there is quite a lot of humour there. I think everyone will recognise the situations in most of the songs. When we play live, most people are jumping around for the whole set, and they end up in a sweaty heap at the end.

R13: You've been playing in a band called Appropriate Agent, how does playing solo compare to fronting a band?
J: It's pretty much the same thing at the moment. Appropriate Agent are a great pub band and are really good at getting the audience going. A lot of the material is the same, and Appropriate Agent are my backing band when we play as Jake Searson...I always put everything into every performance, so the audience gets a full-on show whenever I sing. I front some other bands as well, so I do get to play live with different styles of music. It's fun.

R13: What do you think about when you're on stage?
J: When I'm on stage it's hard to explain what I think about. It depends on how the crowd react, but no matter what happens I just get really amped and excited and after that it all sort of comes naturally. I don't really think about anything other than the moment.

R13: What are your long-term musical aims?
J: I'd like to carry on writing music for as long as possible and carry on performing for even longer. My dad's 45, and he still writes and performs heavy metal and punk. I hope to carry on a lot longer than him, and I don't think I'm ever going to give up music even if I'm only playing to 10 or 20 people. It's what I love, and as long as someone enjoys it I'll be happy

R13: There are some big names popping up at festivals this summer, will you be taking part in any and what would be your ideal festival line-up?
J: I've not heard anything on the festival side of things yet, but hopefully in the future I'll be playing a few of them. My ideal line up at the moment would be along the lines of Trivium, Killswitch, My Chemical Romance, Funeral for a Friend, Lost Prophets, Metallica, Slipknot, ACDC, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Alexis on Fire, Panic at the Disco, and just about anything alternative really.

R13: What have you found the most tiring or difficult part of having a record deal?
J: It's been hard to keep on top of things. The record label is very small, so I used to get involved in all the office side of it. Fortunately that's looked after now, and I can concentrate on writing and performing. I've still got to eat (and drink!), so I have to work, like everyone else it will be a while before I'm earning enough with the band to give that up. It's really hard just trying to find some time to myself.

R13: What do you do to unwind after a gig or recording session?
J: It depends. Usually I'll just have a few beers and then chill out with a few of my friends, unless there's a special occasion (which there normally is) and that results in me going out and getting rather drunk and partying rather too hard and ending up with a monster hangover two days later!!

R13: Which other musicians do you admire?
J: I have a lot of respect for any musician big or small, as long as they truly believe in what they are doing and enjoy what they're doing. At the moment my biggest idol has to be Ozzy Osbourne.

R13: You come from Essex, which is a much maligned county, what's it really like?
J: Essex is alright sometimes, but most of the time there's not much to do, especially if you're into the alternative scene. There are only a few places left. However, that can make it nice as it means there's quite a close knit community of people who all know each other but other than that, it's pretty lame. I'd much rather be surfing in Cornwall!

R13: You're only 19, what do your friends think about your commitment to music?
J: All of my friends and family are really supportive and turn up to all my shows and are pleased for me, just like any friend would be (although some of them think I'm bonkers). They're all great people and I have a lot of respect for all of them, especially seeing as I can be a bit awkward at the best of times.

R13: Thanks for your time and good luck with your tour.