The elite of R13 journos have got together to pool what they believe to be the best 20 albums of the past 20 years. Each person has chosen their favourite album from each year between 1986 and 2006: Apart from a little contention over when The Stone Roses album was released the list is a varied and comprehensive study of the music that changed the world and changed people's lives over the last two decades.

The select team of journalists include:
Daniel Bristow, Andrew Latham, Jim Ody, Jo Vallance, Simon Webb and Pete Worral.


The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead
-"It's the Smiths record that best encompasses all the charm and eloquence that they were known and loved for." – Daniel Bristow

Dag Nasty – Can I Say
-"Debut album from one of the original US hardcore punk bands that paved the way for bands like Green Day & Offspring only these guys did it better!" – Andrew Latham

Def Leppard – Hysteria
-"Catchy as hell choruses and sugary sweet harmonies spawning many hits whilst hitting a high that they would never again achieve." – Jim Ody

The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead
-"The classic Smiths album which gave the disaffected 80s youth a voice with its mismatch of tortured lyrics, acute social awareness and delightful tunes." – Jo Vallance

Metallica – Master of Puppets
-"For me their finest work, in the middle of big hair, cheesy rock and power ballads, here was a rock album that really stands the test of time." – Simon Webb

Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time
-"By 1986 Iron Maiden were arguably so far ahead of everyone else in terms of production and song-writing. Possibly the most underrated Maiden album of them all is actually my favourite in regards to balance and consistency." – Pete Worral


U2 – The Joshua Tree
-"Often voted best album of all time, U2's unequivocal crowning delight has the strongest opening three tracks of any record to date." – Daniel Bristow

Husker Du – Warehouse: Songs & Stories
-"Their last studio album, amidst internal wranglings they produced a double album of melodic punk genius!" – Andrew Latham

Guns'n'Roses – Appetite For Destruction
-"Sleaze-dripping tough-talking tunes on an album that if you close your eyes you can smell cigarettes and sex, and you are left with the taste of Jack Daniels on your breath." – Jim Ody

U2 – The Joshua Tree
-"Almost undoubtedly U2's finest album with a gritty, heart wrenching rock feel." – Jo Vallance

U2 – Joshua Tree
-"It opens with 'Where the Streets Have No Name' 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' and 'With or Without You'...need I say more?" – Simon Webb

Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King
-"This stunning release really hit the spot with its heavy anthems, clever riffing and enormous vocals from Jon Oliva. '24 hours ago' and 'Legions' sound as fresh today as they did almost 20 years ago" – Pete Worral


Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation
-"Responsible for changing the way music is listened to and played live, 'Daydream Nation' was a landmark album." – Daniel Bristow

Fugazi – Fugazi
-"What can you say? Totally groundbreaking, totally outstanding, this was their debut & there's been nobody to touch them ever since!" – Andrew Latham

Jane's Addiction – Nothings Shocking
-"Bizarre, shocking and abstract alternative rock album. It's like the disturbing truths of the ten o'clock news to a rock soundtrack." – Jim Ody

Iron Maiden – Seventh Sun of the Seventh Sun
-"Not their finest album but we're not picking one from 1982, this has the classic 'Can I Play With Madness' as well as the usual extra long epic or two." – Simon Webb

Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime
-"From the haunting start to the chaotic finish, this is an album by a band hungry and on top of their game. The song 'Suite Sister Mary' being the finest example of the word 'epic,' and perhaps one of the greatest songs ever written." – Pete Worral


The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses
-"The Stone Roses defined the sound of a generation and their long-lasting influence hasn't let up yet, responsible for inspiring Brit Pop and the indie greats of the nineties." – Daniel Bristow

New Model Army – Thunder & Consolation
-"Exceptional album from a band at their creative peak, sounding totally unique & combining folk/punk with intelligent lyrics & excellent musicianship." – Andrew Latham

Motley Crue – Dr Feelgood
-"The album that finally got them the number 1 chart position that they had craved. Big production, big budget and big hits guaranteed a great album that saw the band perhaps peak a little too early." – Jim Ody

The Cure – Disintegration
-"Return to the luscious gothic sound they're most known for featuring some of their most well known tracks." – Jo Vallance

Aerosmith – Pump
-"Stadium rock is alive and well as Aerosmith serve up one of their finest hours: and who doesn't like 'Love in an Elevator'?" – Simon Webb

Savatage - Gutter Ballet
-"Savatage made a logical progression from 'Hall of the Mountain King' into a more rock opera style; however there was still enough of the metal in the mix to satisfy both the art and rock cravings. They have since never matched the balance and excellent song-writing as found on this stunning record. – Pete Worral


The La's – The La's
-"Like a lost gem from the 60s, this record is home to real timeless melodies and one of the greatest songs ever written, the omnipresent 'There She Goes'." – Daniel Bristow

Bad Religion – Against The Grain
-"Just the perfect blend of power & melody, catchy as hell & once again a major influence on all that was to follow – just ask Mike Davies!" – Andrew Latham

Tesla – Five Man Acoustical Jam
-"Who would've thought that doing an acoustic tour would prove so successful? Tesla's groundbreaking acoustic live set started the unplugged craze on MTV and gave us an album of great songs, including covers of The Beatles and The Stones." – Jim Ody

Stone Roses – Stone Roses
-"I know it's an ever present in all time lists but there's a reason for that, it's a genuine classic." – Simon Webb

Megadeth – Rust in Peace
-"Megadeth's finest hour, and one of the finest speed metal albums ever written. The guitar work of Mustaine and Friedman is incredible, adding extra class to the incredible songs." – Pete Worral


Nirvana – Nevermind
-"It may have all been thanks to The Pixies, but Nevermind is the record that will forever hold reign over modern alternative music, and the legacy of Cobain will never die out." – Daniel Bristow

Motorhead – 1916
-"What a return to form this was after a couple of average albums in the mid to late 80's. Loud as hell, massive production & it put Motorhead firmly back on track." – Andrew Latham

Guns'n'Roses – Use Your Illusion II
-"A great year for music and many albums could've been chosen, however the second slice of G'n'R releases gave a new dimension to rock which showed Axl at his best coming up with intricate and complicated layered songs and power ballads." – Jim Ody

U2 – Achtung Baby
-"A revitalized return with some very powerful singles and artistic videos which took the band back towards their rock roots." – Jo Vallance

U2 – Achtung Baby
-"Possibly the hardest year to choose from, this was the album which introduced me to U2 and remains their finest work. Shows flashes of the dance influences to come on Zooroper yet retains the fundamental qualities of a rock classic." – Simon Webb

Pearl Jam – Ten
-"'Ten' was simply stunning from start to finish. I remember 'Ten' completely taking over my life. Perhaps it was just a collection of fantastic songs, yes; it's as simple as that." – Pete Worral


The Prodigy – Experience
-"Underground rave and incomparable pop sensibility mixed perfectly makes The Prodigy's debut the album that gave birth to a scene, the likes of which had never before been witnessed." – Daniel Bristow

Hawkwind – Electric Teepee
-"Back as a three piece and a real return to form, a double album that combined instrumentals with out & out rock songs to great effect, the pick of their albums from the last 20 years!" – Andrew Latham

Beastie Boys – Check Your Head
-"After new sampling laws the Beasties decided to go back to their instruments, jam out hours of sessions and sample themselves to great success. What you have is one of the most diverse and musically superior hip-hop albums of all time." – Jim Ody

Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes
-"A debut solo album which set the standards for many of the 90's other female singer-songwriters." – Jo Vallance

Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine
-"Aggression, energy, passion, this album has three of the qualities that makes a great rock record." – Simon Webb

Dream Theater – Images and Words
-"Prog rock with a heavy dose of metal! At the time it was fresh and exciting; nobody had really heard such excellent musicianship combined in this way before." – Pete Worral


James – Laid
-"In my opinion one of the best albums of all time; with Brian Eno at the helm and James' writing ability at its absolute peak, Laid is just unbeatable." – Daniel Bristow

The Wildhearts – Earth Vs.
-"The perfect blend of punk rock & metal, this had it all, fantastic choruses & bulging riffs that starts at about 60mph & goes up to 150mph!" – Andrew Latham

Soul Asylum – Grave Dancers Union
-"On the back of the great selling single 'Runaway Train', Soul Asylum had an album of thoughtful folk-inspired rock tunes with a couple of honest-to-God rock songs, just piping Snoop Doggy Dogg's fantastic debut album by a whisker..." – Jim Ody

Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream
-"This is more than just a grunge album, Smashing Pumpkins are a band who have real class in their musicianship and singles like 'Today' and 'Disarm' prove the variety they can bring to the party." – Simon Webb

Paradise Lost – Icon
-"Paradise Lost came up with an album that was not only doom and gloom, but also full of melody and lush ideas. Taken individually the songs are just ok, but as a collection they are a tour-de-force that make up one of those few albums I would consider 'totally complete'." – Pete Worral


Oasis – Definitely Maybe
-"We all know what we were doing in 1994, walking to the sounds of our favourite tunes, all of which were on Definitely Maybe. The album of National Anthems..." – Daniel Bristow

Senser – Stacked Up
-"Groundbreaking just about sums this up, punk meets rap/scratching in a double album of politically charged, intense tracks. Outstanding guitar & vocal work." – Andrew Latham

Gilby Clarke – Pawnshop Guitars
-"Green Day's 'Dookie' is a great album but Gilby Clarke's first solo offering gives so much more with its Stones-influenced rhythm and blues, it was clear that Gilby had watch his mentor and boss-of-the-time Axl Rose very closely." – Jim Ody

Manic Street Preachers – The Holy Bible
"The epitome of vitriolic, sharp indie with a raging anger and tunes full of rapture, which captured the hearts of a generation."

or Jeff Buckley – Grace
"The finest album from the iconic young singer, a flurry of emotional and simplistic beauty." – Jo Vallance

Oasis – Definitely Maybe
-"It's an obvious thing to say, but this album spearheaded two years where British alternative music took centre stage, just as it is doing once again now. Unquestionably one of the greatest debuts and still Oasis' best work to date." – Simon Webb

Depressive Age – Symbols For The Blue Times
-"'Symbol...' contains a patchwork of ideas that I hadn't heard before or since. Its imagery, odd lyrics and Jan Lubitzki's unique vocals only add to the baroque themes that weave in and out of such tracks as 'Port Graveyard' or 'World in Veins.'" – Pete Worral


Stereolab – Refried Ectoplasm
-"A unique sound and vision, Refried Ectoplasm is the showcase of a band whose talent and skill at crafting chic and catchy songs is just endless." – Daniel Bristow

Rancid – ...And Out Come the Wolves
-"A little dated now perhaps but at the time this was just great, over the top in every way but you could dance to it, go nuts to it & the bass sound on this is unparalleled." – Andrew Latham

Lordz Of Brooklyn – All In The Family
-"A slow year for great albums, Lordz Of Brooklyn gave us a good album of rap/rock crossover – a little more like The Sopranos, or The Godfather, than Boyz In Da Hood, or White Men Can't Jump." – Jim Ody

Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
-"A stunning double concept album which moves from the zany, to the forceful and back into delicate ballads." – Jo Vallance

Teenage Fan Club – Grand Prix
-"I only own a handful of albums which I bought on release day, this is one. Just as the Brit Pop explosion was in full swing, here was an album which mixed indy rock true to its roots, with guitar pop many should aspire to." – Simon Webb

Apes, Pigs and Spacemen – Transfusion
-"1995 heralded four life-changing albums for me and it was hard to choose just one for this list, but 'Transfusion' by Apes, Pigs and Spacemen is the album. It had the melodies to keep you singing yet also contained enough meat in the guitars to keep the rocker happy." – Pete Worral


Beck – Odelay
-"Beck is just one of the most incredible songwriters of all time, and Odelay is perfect evidence of that fact, sheer diverse brilliance from start to finish." – Daniel Bristow

Descendents – Everything Sucks
-"Just awash with melody & energy, a comeback album that outstripped all their previous albums." – Andrew Latham

Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar
-"Spawning the amazing adrenaline-pumping anthem of 'The Beautiful People', Mr Manson gave us a tough talking slant and sometimes controversial outlook on our lives." – Jim Ody

R.E.M – New Adventures In Hi-Fi
-"R.E.M's last album with Bill Berry, a raw and glittering affair strewn with classic tracks and heady singles." – Jo Vallance

Ash – 1977
-"A collection of indy anthems and tracks which a rock crowd love too. Most remember 'Girl From Mars' but 'Kung Fu' is the real classic from this record which was recorded before they left school." – Simon Webb

Helloween – The Time of the Oath
-"'The Time of the Oath' is a great power metal album. 'Kings will be Kings,' 'Before the War' and 'Mission Motherland' proved that Helloween still had the pace and the drive as well as their crazy German humour." – Pete Worral


The Verve – Urban Hymns
-"Richard Ashcroft and his band of merry men at their best, a great record in a year which saw a lot of stiff competition, but this gets my vote..." – Daniel Bristow

A – How Ace Are Buildings?
-"This was a breath of fresh air, it was punk, it was metal, it was whatever you wanted, but it was a damn fine record!" – Andrew Latham

Silver Sun – Silver Sun
-"Almost rekindling the sugary-harmonies of Def Leppard with the Sunkist rebellion of The Beach Boys, Silver Sun released a great happy, and underrated album." – Jim Ody

Radiohead –OK Computer
-"Radiohead's strongest commercial breakthrough which got the whole nation aching with its masterful depressive sounds." – Jo Vallance

Foo Fighters – Colour and the Shape
-"Deserving of a place for 'Everlong' alone, this is still the Foo's and Dave Grohl's finest work (better than anything he recorded with Nirvana)." – Simon Webb

Devin Townsend – Ocean Machine
-"'Ocean Machine' is perfect from start to finish. It strikes that perfect balance between melody, riffs, atmosphere, energy and progressiveness. It is a project Dev himself has tried to emulate since but has never bettered. If the sea could write a metal album it would sound like this." – Pete Worral


R.E.M – Up
-"First album after Bill Berry's departure, it's an amazing record of depth and mood, laced with all sorts of new sounds and tantalising to the nth degree." – Daniel Bristow

Audioweb – Fireworks City
-"Far superior to their debut album, this just had great tunes oozing out of it, vastly underrated band that reached their peak with this." – Andrew Latham

The Crocketts – We May Be Skinny And Wirey
-"I would wager that The Crocketts are Britain's most underrated band ever. Listen to Davy MacManus's frantic but poetic lyrics, and then notice the success that his new (and very Crocketts sounding) band are having, and it's a wonder this album was ever over looked..." – Jim Ody

Garbage – Version 2.0
-"Topped the UK chart with forceful pop vibes which also mixed in a variety of other influences, all behind a female-fronted charisma." – Jo Vallance

Placebo – Without You I'm Nothing
-"After a solid debut, Placebo hit the heights with this; some would argue it's still their finest effort: 'Pure Morning' still a much-loved track by fans and interested observers alike when they play the festival circuit." – Simon Webb

Bruce Dickinson – The Chemical Wedding
-"Oh how I wished Iron Maiden sounded like this. Bruce finally fulfilled his solo promise and delivered an album chock full of meaty metal anthems. A must for any Maiden fan no matter how cynical they are." – Pete Worral


Blur – 13
-"Blur's '13' is eligible to strike a chord in the hearts of even the most embittered; a record of both incredible tenderness and extreme heartache..." – Daniel Bristow

Porcupine Tree – Stupid Dream
-"Slightly more commercial than previous albums but what an album, the musicianship is just outstanding and it remains a firm favourite even now." – Andrew Latham

The Vandals – Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
-"Packed full of sing-a-long punk songs, this is what it is all about. I knew the first time that I heard this album that I would love it for years. Enough said." – Jim Ody

Suede – Head Music
-"Suede's 4th album which received mixed reviews but certainly launched some fantastic singles." – Jo Vallance

Moby – Play
-"From Fatboy style dance to rock with a U2 like authority, this album became saturated by advertising contracts as almost every song was used to promote something. It's still an absolute classic." – Simon Webb

Children of Bodom – Hatebreeder
-"Perhaps a little ahead of it's time, Hatebreeder doesn't get the recognition it deserves. The songs are superb, the guitar work sublime and arguably a blue print for many bands to base their sound upon." – Pete Worral


Radiohead – Kid A
-"Kid A changed audiences' perception of Radiohead forever. Personally, it's an album that's touched me in a more profound way than almost any other." – Daniel Bristow

Distillers – Distillers
-"A much needed shot in the arm for the punk music scene, rippling with aggression & no holds barred punk fury, made Green day look like a bunch of sissys & reminded everyone just how punk was meant to be played." – Andrew Latham

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP
-"Eminem's darkest album full of more angst and anger ridden songs than his others, it portrayed a guy just finding success without really knowing how to handle it." – Jim Ody

PJ Harvey – Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
-"Full of swagger and sparkling tunes, PJ Harvey's strongest and most radio-friendly album filled with eloquently written and solid numbers." – Jo Vallance

Doves – Lost Souls
-"From the majestic 'Seeder Room' to the powerful 'Catch The Sun' tracks from this album still rival any of their more recent work for crowd reaction when Doves take to the stage." – Simon Webb

Iron Maiden – Brave New World
-"'The Wicker Man,' 'The Nomad,' and the title track still proved that Maiden still had heaps of creativity over many of the competition." – Pete Worral


Aphex Twin – Drukqs
-"Aphex's mammoth opus Drukqs is an amazing array of styles and extremes, from the most hardcore Drill & Bass to the most lovely classical prepared piano and ambient pieces." – Daniel Bristow

The Damned – Grave Disorder
-"The long awaited come-back album & it showed they have lost none of their ability to blend harmony, melody, punk rock & psychedelia in one glorious package. Finally saw them get the heads up they deserved from bands like Offspring." – Andrew Latham

Blink 182 – Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
-"Catchy pop/punk with a mix of poop jokes, and the odd serious song (Stay Together For The Kids). Great stuff!" – Jim Ody

Muse – Origin of Symmetry
-"Guitar trickery that hadn't been seen in the charts for years makes this album a constant source of awe." – Jo Vallance

Feeder – Echopark
-"The first half is faultless, the second simply strong, they could have released so many more singles if they wanted." – Simon Webb

Disturbed – The Sickness
-"I wasn't sure whether I should have owned up to this album but I think it's superb. Song after song was chock full of classic metal attitude and sing-a-longable anthems. It may not have been original or have any solos or great musicianship, but who cares when the songs were this good?" – Pete Worral


Sigur Rós – ( )
-"( ) is exceptional, theirs is a music that communicates so much through mood, pace and feel, a sweet sweeping epic." – Daniel Bristow

Porcupine Tree – In Absentia
-"This really shouldn't work but it does! Introducing a much harder sound that really shouldn't sit alongside the mellow moments but combines so well that it's just jaw dropping in places." – Andrew Latham

Guttermouth – Gusto
-"A compendium of styles and genres bundled together in an original but mostly catchy form. It's fun, without depth, and sometimes that's all you need." – Jim Ody

Interpol – Turn On The Bright Lights
-"One of the first albums to hone the "dark and edgy" disconnected sound that's so popular in indie circles now." – Jo Vallance

Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way
-"For me this ranks up there with 'Blood Sugar Sex Magic' as their finest work, and was the catalyst to transforming them into the worldwide stadium megastars they are now." – Simon Webb

Otep – Sevas Tra
-"This was the first example I'd heard of a female vocalist giving it everything. Shout's growls, emotional venting, 'Sevas Tra' had all the bottled up anger of Otep in musical form." – Pete Worral


The Mars Volta – De-Loused In The Comatorium
-"Not since the days of Pink Floyd has anything sounded this sonically and maniacally enticing, it's the next step in rock/et al music, a record that doesn't wear the tag 'progressive' with embarrassment." – Daniel Bristow

Young Heart Attack – Mouthful of Love
-"It's pure rock & roll, no bullshit, no attitude, just fantastic in your face rock, choruses to die for & I dare you not to dance! An outstanding debut." – Andrew Latham

Alkaline Trio – Good Mourning
-"Delighting my enthusiasm for slightly catchy songs, with stories of morbid fascination, 'Good Mourning' shows you how happy you can be listening to the lives of people who clearly aren't." – Jim Ody

Placebo – Sleeping With Ghosts
-"A massive electronic turn for the dark rockers and a massive success, which gave them, chart success and shot their tunes back into the clubs." – Jo Vallance

Muse – Absolution
-"This was the album which saw Muse move up a gear, from solid rock act to live music legends." – Simon Webb

Machine Head – Through the Ashes of Empires
-"Machine Head get the vote because Rob Flynn had finally, after over 10 years, realised that he was in a thrash metal band. A leviathan of an album which saw Machine Head scale the metal pecking-order once again." – Pete Worral


Ray Lamontagne – Trouble
-"A record of hushed caresses, a lullaby to the senses, and one of the strongest talents for songwriting to be displayed in many years. Timeless." – Daniel Bristow

Auf Der Maur – Auf Der Maur
-"A long time coming but so worth the wait. Dark, powerful, melodic, belting choruses & vocal harmonies & far better than Hole!" – Andrew Latham

Bowling For Soup – Hangover You Don't Deserve
-"Just beating the great debut album for The F'Ups, Bowling For Soup release their best album to date with fun, po-go jumping songs that give you the great feeling of summer and having a good time." – Jim Ody

Morrissey – You Are The Quarry
-"A triumphant return which saw Morrissey's poetic lyrics shot with addictive tunes and backed by a great band. Far from melancholy moaning, there are some fabulous upbeat catchy numbers on this album." – Jo Vallance

Green Day – American Idiot
-"There was a lot of hype and promise about this album and it delivered on every level." – Simon Webb

Exodus – Tempo of the Damned
-"I wasn't expecting a violent, venomous, vicious recording full of attitude, awesome solos and great production. As well as the energy and attitude, 'Tempo...' wasn't without a sense of melody and hooks which, in my eyes, makes for a perfect metal album." – Pete Worral


The Arcade Fire – Funeral
-"Some of the absolute greatest lyrics of all time, poetic genius, and an album that you'll return to, play after play..." – Daniel Bristow

Reuben – Very Fast Very Dangerous
-"Huge competition for this year (SOAD, Million Dead, Smother etc) but Reuben take the prize with a stunning album chock full of dynamic tunes that that defy firmly cements them as one of the best bands around. Hugely addictive." – Andrew Latham

The Crimea – Tragedy Rocks
-"Great live and great on CD, The Crimea's debut album, which pays more than a passing resemblance to The Crocketts, whips up complicated musical arrangements which are sewn together behind Davy MacManus' magically enchanting, raw, brash, thoughtful and sometimes morbid folk-spat poetry." – Jim Ody

Antony and the Johnsons – I Am A Bird Now
-"An emotionally bare and simply beautiful album which made a massive change from the diluted indie warblings of the chart and stripped bare the components of a great tune, embellishing them with heartfelt vocals." – Jo Vallance

Bloc Party – Silent Alarm
-"So many bands around at the moment release debuts which have flashes of brilliance but fail to be complete records, Bloc Party are certainly not one of them." – Simon Webb

Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor
-"A superb collection of power thrash anthems. Couple that with the amazing guitar work of Jeff Loomis and Warrel Dane's haunting and versatile voice, and you have an album that should have sold by the truck full. Except it didn't, there's no justice sometimes." – Pete Worral


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
-"The most exciting debut of this year came from this band; it's a record of new fresh sounds that challenge and reward its listeners in equal measures." – Daniel Bristow

Engerica – There are no Happy Endings
-"An 'in your face' collection of high energy punk/metal, pretty stunning for a debut album. I look forward to the album of 2006 that tops this as it's going to be something special!" – Andrew Latham

Backyard Babies – People Like, People Like, People Like Us
-"It's still early and I've just been getting into Punk band Time Again's debut album, but Backyard Babies give us another great dirty rock'n'roll album, and they have had their previous two great albums narrowly beaten in other years!" – Jim Ody

Pearl Jam – Pearl Jam
-"If somebody tries to tell you they haven't got it anymore they're lying to you. This is as good as anything Pearl Jam have ever released." – Simon Webb

Benedictum – Uncreation
-"It maybe a little early to say what the best album of 2006 is, but for this writer it has to be something special to beat Benedictum's debut. If you haven't got it yet run as fast as you can to your nearest music store. Go on, run, RUN!!" – Pete Worral

Put together by Daniel Bristow