R13:You recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records and your UK releases are via Rising Records, is it important to you to be working for a label dedicated to metal?
Mendeed:Yeah definitely, Nuclear Blast have some of the best metal bands in the world on their roster and to be part of that is pretty special to us.

R13:Compared to in the UK, are you receiving much attention from Europe and beyond?
Mendeed:We haven't released the album worldwide yet but we had a shitload of European press come over to our recent London Underworld show and they all had really positive things to say about the show, so we're optimistic.

R13:What can fans expect from your forthcoming album?
Mendeed: They can expect a heavy metal album with a lot of melody and a lot of speed. We try not to stick to one style when we're writing it's a really varied album and hopefully there's something for everyone on there.

R13:Why did you choose to release a mini-album 'From Shadows Came Darkness' instead of a full-length release earlier?
Mendeed:It was a decision taken between us and the label, we hadn't really toured outside of Scotland or even Glasgow before we got signed so we just kinda thought that it would be a good introduction to release something to let people know that we existed and then tour our arses off.

R13:Are there are crazy moments from your recent tour with Trivium and God Forbid that you'd like to share?
Mendeed:There's a lot of crazy moments from that tour but there's rules! And the first rule is what goes on tour stays on tour haha!

R13:What do you enjoy the most about being in a band?
Mendeed:It's pretty much one big party, obviously there's a lot of shit that goes with it like eating fucking junk food everyday but when you're getting free beer it's hard to complain about it. The best thing would be performing live, there's nothing else in the world that could give you that buzz.

R13:How do big festivals like Download compare to the touring you've been doing?
Mendeed:Download is gonna be a totally different experience for us, we've never played a festival like it before, it's gonna be pretty insane.

R13:How are you going to convince metal fans who have never heard you before that they want to watch your performance at Download?
Mendeed:We're not gonna try to convince people to come and see us play, but if they want to see a young British metal band giving it everything they've got, an energetic and fast live show then we are the band they should come and see.

R13:If one of the Download headliners Tool, Metallica and Guns n'Roses were going to play with you, which would you choose?
Mendeed:Metallica no contest

R13:Will you have any time to catch any of other acts this year?
Mendeed:Fuck yeah, we'll be watching everyone we possibly can and getting absolutely fucked up while doing it.

R13:You're appearing on the Gibson/MySpace stage, do you get the time to check out fans' messages on your My Space page?
Mendeed:Yeah we get onto Myspace as often as we can, when we're on the road it's not really possible but we always get round to reading everything and replying to everyone.

R13:Do you have any other festival appearances lined up for this year?
Mendeed:Yeah we have the Earthshaker festival in Germany and the Tuska Open Air in Finland we may have one or two others but we'll just need to wait and see how that goes.

R13:Good luck with Download and the album release.
Mendeed:Thank you very much m/