Grant Campbell, one of the best up and coming singer-songwriters you're going to hear is here and speaking with RoomThirteen. So...

R13: Hi there Mr. Campbell, so how's life treating you in this sweltering heat?

GC:Fairly well thanks.

R13: Are you finding inspiration in the summer sun?

GC: A little, but to be honest between work and recording most of my time is spent indoors just now so my tan has been sadly neglected.

R13: Too bad... So, what would you say are some of your main inspirations when it comes to writing songs?

GC: I don't really look to anyone or anything in particular for inspiration for writing. Most songs for me grow from a certain mood or refrain I am in at a certain moment and then I try and reflect that in my writing.

R13: Then who are the artists and bands that have had the greatest effect on you in your life, and on your music?

GC: Well I would have to say the four cornerstones of songwriters I most admire would be Springsteen, Dylan, Waits and Young.

More contemporary artists such as Damien Jurado, M Ward, Hayden, Ray LaMontange, Gillian Welch, Sufjan Stevens and Jeff Tweedy, to name a few, are also people I respect musically.

R13: Your lyrics are beautifully poetic, are there many literary influences in them?

GC: I have never been much of a reader to be honest, so I wouldn't say I have many literary influences. Although authors such as Charles Bukowski and Hunter S. Thompson have made their mark on me.

R13: What is the current music scene like up in Glasgow, is there an encouraging musical energy to the place?

GC: The music scene in Glasgow has always been really vibrant. There is always a lot going on in the city, although I feel sometimes since there are so many live acts and venues a lot of good music is being overlooked, but that is always going to be the case I guess.

R13: How have you reacted to the response your first album's gained?

GC: For something that I recorded back home about 3/4 years ago and released on a small local label the reaction has been amazing. Was blown away when the Sunday Times phoned to say it was going to be album of the week, seemed a little surreal. The response has been great though and hopefully it will pave the way for future records.

R13: How are your new recordings coming along, what can you tell us about when we'll see the next record from you?

GC: Started recording recently, coming along slowly but surely. Decided to make it another home recording, but this time swapping my 4-track for a 16-track. Will be a much fuller album than the last, but still trying to keep it very much grounded. Plenty of material to record just a matter of choosing which songs to use.

I would like to get the new record out this year if possible but won't rush recording to release it early. Also a lot depends on who will release it, could end up being a self-release but will have to wait and see.

R13: Have you found myspace providing a great help in garnering support?

GC: Yeah, I only started using myspace at the beginning of the year but it is a very useful way for people to get to hear your music and getting feedback from people who would otherwise not be able to hear your music.

R13: Will you be going on tour across the UK anytime soon?

GC: Looking to try and get some dates organised for Ireland and England a little later in the year. I have put off playing live at present to concentrate on recording but no doubt I will be getting itchy feet soon enough.

What are your plans in regards to the near and more distant future?

GC: Looking to getting the new album released and get out and tour the UK and beyond. Other than that I don't have any master plan, keep writing songs, paying the bills and playing to people who want to listen.

Well, Grant Campbell's blueprint for the future sounds as good as any master plan I've ever heard, and as he keeps writing songs so will the numbers of people wanting to listen to his music rise and rise, only got to work on the bills next...