After catching Art of Dying at this year's Download Festival, RoomThirteen thought it imperative to track down this Canadian rock band and find out what makes them tick. Answering the questions were Greg Eradely (guitar), Flavio Cirillo (drums), Jonny Heatherington (vocals), Matt Rhode (bass) and Chris Witoski (guitar).

R13: How did you not trip up over all your cables at Download?

M: My wireless crapped out and now, my wireless crapped out again. The last two shows I've jumped of the loudspeakers but there's nothing to climb up onto this time. Im gonna have to jump off Johnny this time.
F: We're borrowing Engericas drums so...
M: We can't afford gear...

R13: How's the tour going so far?

All:Excellent, fucking brilliant.

R13: So being in the UK, the important question: What did you have to eat last night?

J: We had Bellaroma Italian
M: Our waiter was from the same area our drummer's family is from. It was great Italian food. I think these guys had something else.
C: I had a chicken kebab.
J: With fries and Vinegar....sorry, Chips!
M: Then we used the bag we got the kebab in to get all the pint glasses from the restaurant. Now we got pint glasses all over our bus!

R13: How would you describe yourselves to someone who hasn't heard you?

C: Melodic
M: Something for everyone
J: heavy but not fucking, grinding, throw your mother out the door.
G: Grinding your mum?

Everyone laughs at this point

M: Tell 'em what you really feel!
J: We went into Musiczone today, went into the throw your mother out the door section and it was really heavy.

R13: How is the UK different to back home?

M: The crowds are amazing. Every time I ask the crowds to do this (proceeds to clap hands over his head) everyone joins in.
C: The towns are closer together.
J: In Canada, each town is like, fucking, 12 hours away.

R13: What's the rock scene like in Canada?

C: Its great. We're from the same town as Nickleback....
Everyone: ...and Strapping Young Lad!
J: There is a really good metal scene.
M: Small scene and a really long way to travel between venues. Makes it more difficult.
J: Europe has some of the best recording studios.
M: Yeah, you guys are lucky to have that.

R13: Who did you listen to when you were growing up? I was influenced by grunge so Alice in chains, Soundgarden...

M: Anything that came out in 1994.
J: Jimi Hendrix, nirvana
C: Hendrix, Nirvana, Weezer even, Greenday.
J: Faith no more, Radiohead.

R13: Did Gibson let you keep any of the guitars?

Everyone: nah!
M: We picked em up in London
C: We got to borrow em for the tour!
M: Yeah they treated us really well. Chris and I emailed the guy, said we were coming back out, mind if we can use the guitars. They said, "No problem, what do you need?". They've definitely been very helpful, very hospitable.

R13: Any weird stories about obsessive fans yet?

J: there was this guy at our last show...
C: He said "I'm in love with you guys". We said, "Oh you like our music", "No I'm in love with you".
C: He talked about Bullet for my Valentine a lot.
M: He wanted us to sign his body.
C: He wanted to trade, trade anything.
M: He said "I'll trade you a kiss for it". The he said, "I'll trade you my girlfriend for something". I said, "That's more like it"

R13: Do you have any other crazy, drunken stories?

J: We got a lot of drunken stories!

R13: What's the funniest so far?

F: Matt putting on a bear mask and Chris throwing a deer mask at him!
Everyone Laughs!
J: When we came here in June, we got off the plane, went to the hotel, went to the KroBar, got wasted. Pretty much the drunkest night ever.
C: When we pulled into Glasgow, we parked the bus, got off the bus, and there were two guys doing lines in the fucking alley.
M: When we got to Manchester, Manchester Anthony hops on our bus, plays a bunch of songs..
C: Guy jumps on our bus and offers to support us tonight!
F: With an acoustic!
J: We've never been stuck for like 3 hours going "oooh, what should we do?"

R13: What did you do before you all got together?

C: Johnny and Greg played together. I was in another band. Matt had another band he was in with.
J: We were in a band called SunLikeStar, Flav was in a band called the Medic , Chris was in a band called Splittrack, Matt was in a band called On Holiday.

R13: You are Number 1 in Poland. What do you think about that?

C: I think its to with my last name, Witoski.
Everyone laughs!
J: Polish Mafia!

R13: How do you feel now the album is finally out?

J: Relief
Everyone: Yeah!
J: Its pretty weird to hold it in your hand and say "Finally!".
G: It doesn't even seem real actually, 'cos we've been waiting to put it out for so long.
J: and its weird 'cos its not out in Canada or the US, its the UK. Its strange not having it out at home but having it out here.

R13: Now that the album is out, what is next for AOD?

J: Go to the Krobar again that's for sure!
M: Go to the Tower of London
C: Yeah he wants to go to the Tower of London because its...
M: Yeah, the 5th most haunted place on the Planet
F: And the London Dungeon!
M: The National Museum!
C: And the Tate Gallery!
F: I want to go to Science because of all the unbelievable things they have!
M: Flavio has a Shoe Fetish!

R13: Ok, so last question. If you could take anyone down the pub, alive or dead, who would it be?

C: Billy Corey.
G: Jimmy Paige!
M: Jesus Christ, to know if he's faking it! Cos I'm so confused about religion!
F: I'd take John Bonham
J: I always wanted to have a chat with Eddie Vedder.