With a major tour ongoing and a new EP ready to be unleashed, Talula are making a big noise at the moment and look set for a busy year ahead. Front man and guitarist Jake Hitchcock took some out to chat with RoomThirteen on the tour, EP and just what drives the band on.

R13: The first question usually asks itself, how is the tour going?
JH:It's going amazingly and we're really enjoying it. Its been across the country, we've hit the venues, gave good shows and then tried to hit the nightlife and sample what all the cities have to offer.

R13: Plenty of late nights then! How has the crowd reaction been to the shows?
JH: We've had some great responses, there has been some really kind crowds and its been great to see.

R13: You've had to pull a few shows in Ireland, does this mean you'll have a few days off or have you fitted in other plans?
JH:As soon as the tour is finished we will try and get into the studio, so any time off we are hard at it, trying to get ideas together. Any time we do have off we just tighten the screw.

R13: Continuing on the live theme, you supported Muse last year, how was that for you?
JH: Amazing, one of the best experiences of my life so far. Absolutely amazing. Muse are a good band but I'm more of a fan of their live stuff, they are one of the best around at the moment. They are fucking massive.

R13: Being in a 3-piece yourself, does their dynamic appeal to you?
JH: I always wanted to be in a 3-piece, probably because I never wanted to be in a band with another guitarist. I've always thought I can knock out enough noise on one guitar and do what I want to do. A lot of my favourite bands have had two guitars but for us, theres no need to clutter it up. Bands like Nirvana prove that 3-pieces can work so we're happy with that.

R13: With a new EP to be released soon, what are your hopes for it?
JH: It's a calling card, we aren't expecting anything massive from it. It'll give writers something to write about it gives our press people stuff to do and get the bands profile up there. I hope it reaches people but its to make us better known and who knows, maybe interest some major labels.

R13: Do you feel that the EP is indicative of your sound and will give fans an insight into what to expect from yourselves?
JH: I think they are very representative of what we do, they are quite different but at the time of choosing the songs, that's how we went. 'Ripped up...' was always going to be the single and we wanted another heavy one, as we are a heavy band. 'Battle' went on to show something different and because I really wanted top record it as its one of my favourite songs

R13: With you making both fast and heavy and more slower tracks, how do you go about creating the lyrics?
JH:Its all personal experience, stuff that's happened to me or people around me, it's the only way I write. I don't know if it's a way of me getting stuff out but it definitely the only way I can write and want to write. We have two songs that are vaguely political, about the Israeli Palestinian angle but that is personal to me as well. We're not a political band by any means but they are the only two that aren't fully centred on me or my feelings.

R13: And when the EP is out there, do you have plans to record an album?
JH: We have so much more than an albums material. On home turf we have been playing sets of an hour and a half so we have the songs. If we wanted 12 really good songs for the record, we can do it. We have been running through our heads the songs we would want to do. I would like to think we have something ready to release early next year. We'll probably get it together after March and hopefully in the studio in the summer. As the record industry closes down for Christmas, then hopefully we'll be ready to go in the New Year and hopefully on a major.

R13: If you are in the studio over the summer, would you still be available to perform at festivals?
JH: I'd love to do some of the major festivals, we all would. Its down to the management but they have put together this fantastic tour, so everything is possible but we'd make room if there was a chance of the festivals.

R13: What would you say is your big ambition in the musical world?
JH: We are looking for a major deal and that goes without saying but what we want most is to see our music affect people. I want the music known and hit people as I really want to play to people. To see them happy or sad or beating the fuck out of each other in a moshpit has always been the idea and we have an amazing tour but for a lot of people it's the first time they have seen us. We want to get to the next stage.

R13: You talk of wishing to affect people, what bands affected you or influenced the band?
JH:For all of us, its different. I don't know which bands directly influence me. The bands that I grew up listening to would be Nirvana, Police, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. I really look up to Billy Corgans guitar playing or Biffy Clyro. And in the bands its different, our bass player has a ska/punk background but I'm not sure what bands music has greatly influenced me. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

R13: Do you have any last messages for our readers?
JH: If anyone is reading this and we're still touring then hopefully we'll see you out there.

With a passion that was visible throughout the interview, its likely that a busy 2007 will merely be the prelude for a busier for 2008 but its unlikely that anyone in the band will be complaining about that.