Rm13: Did you enjoy playing Bloodstock this year?
“Fucking loved it!!! Great”

Rm13: Where you nervous before you walked on stage? How did it feel after you
had finished your set?
“Not nervous, excited, psyched out. Shame we were first on though.”

Rm13: Was this the first time you’ve ever played a gig of this size?
“No. We've done some other outdoor festivals in the past with a big audience.
Love having the big stage to play with.”

Rm13: Is there a favourite venue that you’ve played, and why?
“Newcastle Uni, Global Cafe 'cos it's intimate and sweaty. But really it's the
crowds and the music that make a venue not the size or location. We would
play anywhere with a rockin' crowed and a good atmosphere.”

Rm13: What about the other groups, what did you think of them?
“We didn't get to see them all but Colm (guitarist) loved Season's end and
Panic Cell especially. Sharron (vocalist) liked panic Cell too.”

Rm13: Did you get a chance to check any of them out?
“Erm...is that a different question? Or did you mean back stage when they
were naked....”

Rm13: How do you calm down after a set? Is it difficult to bring yourself back
down to earth?
Sharron-“ Why calm down I like to stay up there it's the best part.”
Colm- “Spliff, beer and my woman.”
Keith (bass)- “Vodka and coke.”

Rm13: Did you manage to hang out with the punters at all, or did you chill
Sharron- “I went on the merchandise stool so I got to chat and meet a fair
few people from all over Europe which was great.”

Rm13: What was your best festival moment?
Colm- “Flashing to everyone.”
Keith- “Claire from Invey.”
Sharron- “Screaming heavy metal universe and playing Frisbee backstage whilst
highly intoxicated.”

Rm13: Will you guys be taking a rest now or do you have any gigs lined up?
“We will be pursuing our own projects for a while. Colm is starting something new but it's still a secret and Sharron will be performing some solo gigs all over possibly doing some recordings and maybe joining a new band if the right one comes along.”

Rm13: If you were an axe which would you be? Why?
Colm- “Les Paul, custom of course.”
Keith – “Ukulele”
Sharron- “Axe Murderer?”

Rm13: Tell us something we don’t know about the band.
“Super Massive Object has officially split up”

Rm13: Given the choice, who would be your ideal band to jam with?
Colm – “Hendrix, Morrison, Bonnam, Page, Flea and me of course.”
Sharron- “I'd have Flea on bass, drummer off system, guitarist off Tool, me.
And Skin in nothing but hot pants just looking fantastic and doing anything
she wants.”

Rm13: Has playing Bloodstock inspired you to do anything differently?

Emily Warner