Rm13: First, of whom does the band consist and what are their roles?

Primal Fear: Ralf Scheepers (Vocals), Mat Sinner (Bass & Vocals), Tom Naumann &
Stefan Leibing (Guitars), Randy Black (Drums).

Rm13: There appears to have been a lot of change in the band with members joining and even re-joining, how has that affected you and your music?

Primal Fear: Wrong, the band had two line up changes in 7 years – if this a lot, I’m working in the wrong business. The band still consists of four founder
members and one of the best metal drummers today. The songwriters are
still the same guys. For the past – the fans could trust that if there’s PF
on the cover outside, we will deliver the music on the inside. For the
future? Exactly the same!

Rm13: Which is the best gig you’ve played so far?

Primal Fear: Too many to mention – Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Cleveland, New York, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Bochum, Wacken... the list could go longer
and longer – of course, Bloodstock 2004 could be included regading the
fans response in our Top 20 shows.

Rm13: I notice that you’ve played in several countries; did you find many
differences between the audiences?

Primal Fear: Not at all, the fans in Japan have more discipline, the fans in South America have not so much discipline - overall, it is very important
for us, to communicate with the audience. It’s always a give and take!

Rm13: Which track do you most enjoy playing live?

Primal Fear: At the moment "Metal Is Forever" – it’s like a storm breaks lose in the break before the chorus starts!

Rm13: As you’re predominantly from Germany, why did you choose to write songs
in English?

Primal Fear: Our drummer is Canadian and all the other guys in the band are Europeans. We are touring in every continent of the world and selling records nearly everywhere. Could you imagine, the look of our fans faces, when they
listen to our new album and the lyrics are in German?

Rm13: What is your proudest moment as a band so far?

Primal Fear: First of all the chart entry with our debut album in Germany at position 48 – we never expected this in our wildest dreams. Then we’re very happy, that Devil’s Ground is now our second best most selling album worldwide,
in more difficult times, than 5 years ago. Overall, we are very proud
that Primal Fear had a great fan following since the first album. We saw
the world and could play our own music – isn’t that great?

Rm13: What did you think of the other bands at Bloodstock this year?

Primal Fear: We really like a lot of the bands – Ralf was the lead singer in
Gamma Ray, so that point is clear. We toured with CoB in 2001 and we
really like the band, especially Alexi, who is an outstanding guitar player.
Sonata Arctica are a great forthcoming band with fantastic melodies and
a great singer. Compliments to Vince and his crew for a fabulous
organisation. Best of Bloodstock 2004 and even more compliments and
salutes to the fans. Incredible, enthusiastic, energetic – fucking