After playing Bloodstock the perfect people to pass out with are Gutworm. Here we learn about their love of gigs and human cloning.

Rm13: Did you have fun doing Bloodstock this year?
Gutworm: “Yes! It was cool and we met some really cool people; drank a lot and had a good time!”

Rm13: Were you excited before you walked on stage?
Gutworm: “We were just looking forward to playing - the set up was good so we hoped for a good gig.”

Rm13: What was the feeling like when you'd finished your set?
Gutworm: “Good, it seemed to go down really well so we felt good but knackered!”

Rm13: Was this the first time you've ever played a gig of this size?
Gutworm: “No, we have done a few good sized gigs, but this was one of the biggest in the UK.”

Rm13: Did you catch any of the other bands playing whilst you were there?
Gutworm: “Yes we saw a few bands, but because we played quite early we were already leathered!!!”

Rm13: Did you manage to hang out with the punters at all, or did you chill backstage?
Gutworm: “We hung out all day in the festival and met some cool people who are really into their music.”

Rm13: What was your worst festival moment?
Gutworm: “Our singer passing out on the floor in front of our merchandise stall.”

Rm13: And the best?
Gutworm: “Same as above!!!”

Rm13: Will you guys be taking a rest now or do you have any gigs lined up?
Gutworm: “Loads of gigs - we are on tour with Bizantine from the 3rd of November- check our website for full details -” (nice plug there!)

Rm13: Tell us something we don't know about the band.
Gutworm: “We are the first perfectly cloned and genetically modified humans ever created!!”