R13: You've all had experience of working in the music industry or playing in bands before, are there ever disagreements on the band's musical direction?
P: I think music differences can sometimes split bands up with us everyone is pushing in the same direction.

R13: What is the most exciting thing you can tell our readers about your new album?
P: If you play it backwards it says 'worship the devil'.... Failing that we are really proud of the group of songs.

R13: What are your hopes for the album?
P: For it to connect with as many people as possible and world domination within 3 weeks of release! And U2 as a support act but seriously just to connect with as many people as possible.

R13: Is your current single, 'Do What You Like' about a particular incident?
P: I think 'Do What You Like' is more about a situation a lot of people will have been in at some point and really telling that story as honestly as possible

R13: Your website explains that choosing a band name was a problem, what other possible candidates were there before you settled on Passenger?
P: Passenger was really the first serious name we came up with, it took a little while because we wanted to get it right.

R13: You've busked and played gigs on the street in the past, has this had a good reception, do you think that you get a more genuine response to the music through that?
P: When you play on the street you play to a lot of people who would never go to a gig, little kids/old people and that gives you a really honest feedback as there is no obligation to stay there is your not enjoying the music, you will get some people walking away and some that stay and weep!!

R13: There seems to be a strong political or social comment in the tracks, what is the precise message that you'd like your music to convey?
P: There's the odd lyric that tips the hat at social comments, but really the music is about England 2007 conveyed through a cast of characters through the songs.

R13: What are your plans for this summer and beyond?
P: Well our single 'Do What You Like' comes out on the 2nd July which we are really excited about, followed by lots of festivals and then the album is due to come out early September followed by a tour so its going to be a busy summer!

R13: Do you find it difficult playing festivals where a large portion of the crowd may not be concentrating fully on your music?
P: Well that's something street performances prepare you for, but also gigs in general some of them have attentive audiences and some don't. But as long as your having fun onstage I think you tend to win more people over.

R13: How would you convince festival goers to come and see your sets this summer, what will they get?
P: Presents.... Hopefully something they won't see in any other tent! And lyrically lead 4 part harmony and pop music with loads of energy..

R13: Obviously V Festival is a pretty big event, are you nervous about that at all?
P: No, we are really looking forward to it! I'm sure nearer the time the heart rate might increase a little.

R13: Which bands would you most like to see live this summer?
P: Arcade Fire would be pretty impressive, Tuung again and hopefully a few bans we've not heard of before the joy of festivals....

R13: Thanks for you time.