The Casanovas have been around for 8 years now and are firmly keeping up the tradition of Australian hard rock bands. We caught up with singer and guitarist Tommy Boyce to get the lowdown on yet another great Aussie export:

R13:For those who haven't experienced the band yet, tell us who's in the band & how you'd describe your sound?
TB:Ok.. the band is Jaws on drums, Damo Campbell on bass and vocals and me, Tommy Boyce, on guitar and vocals too. The sound is rock'n'roll/punk rock.

R13:Your last album 'All Night Long' brought you some success back home with the single 'California' breaking into the mainstream charts; did that feel like a vindication of everything you've been doing for the last few years?
TB:To an extent, maybe, but it was pretty fleeting so not a big deal really. The vindication comes more so from people's reactions at shows and going to the other side of the world, i.e. Europe, and playing.

R13:Have you been pleased with the reaction to the album overall?
TB:The reaction from people who know it has been great, yeah.

R13:You've had several line up changes over the last few years, has this hindered the bands development & how has the change in personnel changed the sound of the band (if at all)?
TB:Yeah, it took a few years to get the core line up of the band settled. Apart from that we've flirted the idea of with having another guitarist in the band from time to time but in the end we all agreed that it's better with just the 3 of us.

R13:You're coming back to tour Europe again later this year (Nov/Dec), how have you found it in previous visits? Do you get a different type of crowd to Australia?
TB:The previous visits have been among the best times we've had as a band. Crowd wise, Europe is fairly similar to Australia but European crowds seemed to get a bit more excited I suppose because we're from the other side of the world. You can get taken for granted in your own country. That's not to say that we don't have a great loyal following here.

R13:What are you like on tour? Do you do the whole sex & drugs thing or are you consummate professionals?
TB:We have as much fun as possible

R13:Now that things are really taking off for the band are you at the stage where you can concentrate on the band full time or do you still have to dabble in day jobs?
TB:There have been stages where we've given up our jobs but running out of money can be a problem. As with every borderline successful band you've got to go back to your boss with your tail between your legs from time to time.

R13:What's the music scene like in Australia at the moment, (obviously most of the time we only get to hear about the latest Neighbours star to try their luck!) is it easy to get out there and play? Any other Aussie bands you'd recommend we keep an eye out for?
TB:The live music scene here is really healthy but radio is a problem. There doesn't seem to be enough avenues for bands to be heard by a wider audience. Most of the bands I like would barely get any radio play at all. We just played a show with one of my favourite Aussie bands, The Cosmic Psychos. They don't get much radio here but they are awesome.... they were a huge influence on Nirvana actually.

R13:Is there a new album in the pipeline? If so are you finding the sound continuing to develop or a re you sticking to a tried & tested formula?
TB:I've got a few tunes up my sleeve so far. I really want the sound to develop because it makes it far more exciting and interesting for us.

R13:Do you tend to write songs as individuals or as a band?
TB:There's a bit of both.

R13:When it comes to recording how much difference does having a producer like Sylvia Massy make & how much input do you have at that stage?
TB:It makes a huge difference. She was fantastic to have on board not too dictatorial i.e we had a lot of input into the production. She kind of just let the band 'do its thing'.

R13:As you get bigger how does the whole 'fame' thing sit with you? Do you find it weird that kids want your autograph for instance?
TB:I wouldn't exactly call us famous but we're only human so a bit of attention here and there is nice sometimes. But, yeah, I personally find the concept of autographs strange anyway.

R13:What do you think gives the Casanovas the edge over all the other harder edged rock & roll bands out there?
TB:We are far more handsome!

R13:Where do you see the band in 5 years time?
TB:Probably doing the same thing but with three more records out.