R13: How did you get together and what's been your path to the status you have now where you've played with bands like Editors?
Max: We got together at the age dot - literally me and Leo were 2 when we met, 3 when I met Chris. JP's been in there since we were 13. The path has been constant and great fun; we've worked hard for years, but as GoodBooks it's been a self-released EP, a single on Transgressive, then down to work the album for Columbia. Interleaved with plenty of touring.

R13: Why did you choose the title, 'Control' for the album?
Max: It just seemed to be a theme that reared its head at various points throughout the album. It was a word that tied most if not all of the songs together in some respect, and also was the first word of my favourite song on the record.

R13: What musical influences do all the band members have in common?
Max: Very few actually - Bowie, Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem are the first three that come into my head this time round, but it is always different whenever I'm asked. I think things with a bit of brain about them, or a bit of melody or rhythm of a certain ilk that just seems to resonate with all of us.

R13: What do you think is so special about GoodBooks and caused you to
gain so much attention in recent months?

Max: We think about what we're writing - the pop song is an underrated medium for conveying little ideas to people. A lot of music at the moment has very inconsequential lyrics - we're not exactly Proust but I like to think we go a bit further than the old beer and knickers scenarios. I think also there's a lot of great tunes in there - you need a hook you could hang a fat lady on to make a decent song, and I think we serve that up more often than not.

R13: What would you hope listeners remember your music for?
Max: Standing out, while still being enjoyable - I think it's the hardest thing to aim for. There's a lot of great music that's really hard to listen to, and there's a lot of shit music that's really easy to listen to. I think that persuading the two elements to meet is where the magic of pop music lies.

R13: Last year you said that you particularly enjoy playing festivals,
which are your favourites?

Max: I loved Leeds festival last year. Wonderful party vibe. I was sorry to hear about Truck Festival getting washed out this year - that was pretty special too.

R13: You've got a few festival dates lined up this year, how are you going
to get the crowds smiling despite the British weather then?

Max: I guess we'll just do our show, as best we can. In a weird way, it seems to make people more keen to make sure they enjoy themselves. The British have a centuries-old defiance of rain, and I think that comes out for the festivals.

R13: You've currently got a residency at the Buffalo Bars, is that the
kind of intimate venue that you'd prefer to play at over larger halls?

Max: I think each has its charms. The huge gigs are a massive adrenaline rush, they really make you feel alive. The intimate gigs are a different beast - we're playing a lot of songs we don't usually put in the set at these, a few covers and B-sides, as well as the album tracks that don't always get into some of the shorter sets we play. You can really see the whites of people's eyes when they're less than a metre away from you!

R13: What's been your greatest achievement as a band so far?
Max: Getting through arguments. Creative people always argue, and being strong enough to get through those dark days is always I think the biggest achievement. In terms of artistic achievements, I think it's simply the album as a whole; it feels like a single entity rather than twelve individual songs, and it's had more hours and effort invested in it than any of us knew would be possible twelve months ago.

R13: What was the last gig you attended?
Max: I was at the last day of Latitude - Jarvis and the Arcade Fire were both incredible. And my girlfriend is jealous.

R13: What is the best book that you've read recently?
Max: Immoratility by Milan Kundera. There's a song on the go at the moment that was triggered by a character in that book. One for the next record perhaps!