R13: What first inspired you to take up instruments at a young age?
Kate: We had a piano in the house when I was five, my mum used to play it and I took up piano lessons, I just absolutely loved it.
R13: And then you took up the guitar?
Kate: When I was about 13 or 14 I started playing guitar, I really got into music at that point and songwriting in particular so I decided to take up the guitar as it's a lot more portable than the piano! I really took to it.

R13: So what kind of songwriters inspired you at that age?
Kate: Joni Mitchell definitely, Tori Amos and The Cranberries were the influences that I loved at the time and made me want to play.

R13: How did your music start to break through into the mainstream then?
Kate: My single was single of the week on iTunes and people just talked about it and logged onto my MySpace.

R13: Do you think that downloads make it easier for smaller artists to be receive more attention?
Kate: Definitely because there's no manufacturing and printing cost and marketing column space; people don't have to go hunting in record shops to find the music, it's all there online.

R13: Do you still have the chance to communicate with your fans online still?
Kate: I do go on the MySpace a lot and try to respond to people but it's very hard now as I'm on the road so much and in hotels.

R13: Is it true that you don't own a television? Why not?
Kate: I own one, we have it in the house but we never ever watch it, we've never had to use it. The other day we got a letter from the TV Licensing people asking us to get a license, which is bizarre because they automatically assume that everyone watches TV so we had to pay! I don't watch it, I think in general it's very boring and I barely have enough time as it is so I don't know what it is I'd be not doing to find the time to watch TV.

R13: So what do you do in the free time that you have instead then?
Kate: I'm a bit of a daydreamer really, I like the time to sit and daydream. I don't do a lot I don't think, mostly listening to music, I like to sit and have a daydream.

R13: So if it's not the rush of popular culture, what is it that inspires your tunes?
Kate: The songs are all about me and my personal experiences so basically that's all I write about.

R13: Does it concern you that your success has come so fast that you might be as quickly forgotten?
Kate: I'll only do as much as I'm happy with anyway, I've got no problem with anything that happens as I write about what I enjoy.

R13: The label haven't put any pressure on you then?
Kate: No, I'm not that kind of an artist, I write these songs and the fact that people like them is a bonus, I think the label know that. It's not a flash in the pan thing.

R13: You recorded 'Tim's House' in a home studio, do you think that gives it a different feel to your first album?
Kate: Oh definitely, actually the first album was recorded in a home studio as well but it was quite over produced, this one was a lot more relaxed and I think that really comes across in the music.

R13: Does performing live come naturally to you?
Kate: People say that onstage I look really relaxed and comfortable but maybe that's because I'm singing about what I know best and I can't really be any different. I didn't want to be a singer at all; years ago singing onstage to me would be like jumping out of a balloon, I just wouldn't want to do it but I love it now.

R13: So do you still get nervous?
Kate: I still get nervous, I use these homeopathic remedies now.

R13: You invited a fan to come help film your mini tour in Cornwall via Bebo, how did that go?
Kate: I'd never been to Cornwall before and it was so beautiful, I met a really lovely guy there. I had this lovely old camera that filmed 60's style footage so I can't wait for that to go up!