Room Thirteen caught up with Jared MacEachern from Sanctity to discuss life on the road and plans for the band's second album.

Room Thirteen:How has the touring been going so far? How long are you on tour for?
Jared MacEachern: We are on tour for 12 days straight. It's great; we love seeing new faces, playing new shows. You do have a routine every day, but it's different enough to be enjoyable.

R13: How did you find your support acts for this tour?
JM: We met up a little while ago and just showed up on tour together!
R13: Are you picky when it comes to deciding where and who you tour with?
JM: No, we've not really ever turned down a tour. We were going to do a tour with All That Remains but for some reason it didn't actually work out.

R13: Do you notice a difference in your fans when you play in different places around the world?
JM: The USA and the UK are very different obviously. There are so many bands they get to see every day that it takes a bit more to get them excited. We were over here in spring and it was amazing.

R13: Anywhere else you'd like to tour but haven't yet?
JM: Umm... Japan would be amazing, Australia. It's a bit further down the road! After this tour we have a lot of time off to write our next album.

R13: So your new album has been out for a while now, but tell me about what it was like for you as a band to record it?
JM: We had a few different recording sessions spread out- in November 2005 and then summer and fall of 2006. One track ended up as a B-side called 'Fade to Gray' and we got a little tired with it and started slacking off a bit, but none of it was too difficult because we had a clear idea of the sound we wanted to record. It's had a very good reception, had some really good reviews.

R13: Have you had any awful moments where you've not been sure being in the band is the right thing for you?
JM: No. There have been times where although I didn't wonder if being in a band was what I should be doing, but there have been moments when I've wondered if it was actually going anywhere.

R13: What would you do if you weren't in a band at all? What career would you choose?
JM: I would probably go back to school to teach. I've always been in a band - since I was 12 and for a while I was planning on teaching. But luckily I realised that this is what I want to do.
R13: What was your first band called?
JM: Paralax- a band from high-school. It was okay. They're great friends of mine still.

R13: Any ideas for your next album?
JM: Yeah we have a few but we don't want to think about it too much now to make sure we don't overanalyse it. We've got an idea of what we want in the album and what we want to leave out though. That's the main thing- we're going to just see how it turns out. Our writing and recording process, as a band, is totally collaborative. We all jam, and see what we create!