A Fine Frenzy, AKA Alison Sudol, released her debut album ‘One Cell in the Sea’ in July 2007, and has spent much of the time since on the promotional trail.

During a recent stop off in the UK, we ran a few questions by her to find out more about the person behind the name.

Influenced by classic soul, as well as UK alternative acts like Radiohead and Aqualung, not to mention Iceland’s Bjork and Sigur Ros, you can easily gage an idea of what the tempo of the music is.

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R13: So how’s life treating you? You seem to have been extremely busy of late.
A: I have been but obviously, it’s exciting times. It has been hectic but it’s also nice. I really appreciate it now when I don’t have to run around so much.

R13: You had to cancel a recent gig in London, why was that?
A: I had to cancel last night’s show! It’s the first show I’ve ever cancelled. I’ve been doing a bit of a press tour, and also a hell of a lot of talking and so my voice is a little bit tired. And then I did a show in Paris where they hadn’t enforced the no-smoking rule inside and I have really terrible asthma and I lost my voice!

R13: So what’s your first musical memory?
A: Looking at and admiring my little yellow piano that we had when I was a little girl. It was when I was living in Seattle, I must have been about three years old and I loved it. There’s something about it that I have been fascinated by and I think it’s such a complete instrument, and an emotional instrument. It just seemed like the natural choice for me to play.

R13: What would you say is the best song on ‘One Cell In The Sea’?
A: Oh that’d be like trying to choose a favourite child!

R13: But there are parents who have favourites.
A: I know but you don’t tell! I’m an only child so by default, I am the favourite! But with regards to my favourite song, I guess it’s down to what mood I’m in. Also, it’s a whole piece to me. I am definitely proud of it.

R13: What other albums have you loved from 2007?
A: I love the new Shin’s album, that’s a firm favourite, but also the Bright Eyes album ‘Cassadaga’, that’s really good.

R13: Have you had chance to see The Shins live this year?
A: No I haven’t, and I have rarely seen any shows at all this year. Although I went to see an Interpol show in London which was amazing. I’d only been familiar with their singles before and hadn’t delved into them but I really enjoyed it.

R13: If you could have written any other song, from any other artist, what would it be?
A: Have you ever heard ‘First Day Of My Life’ by Bright Eyes? Oh! It’s perfect! He’s absolutely brilliant. And I know I could never have written any Sigur Ros songs. Just to be in the room with them would be.....I don’t even know how they can write their songs?! I watched ‘Heima’ yesterday and it was spectacular. I’m usually a real fidgeter- the only time I’m not is when I am playing music, in which case I forget everything else in the world, but when I watched it yesterday, I just sat still and entranced whilst resting with tea!

R13: When are you at your happiest?
A: When I’m at a piano writing a song. You know, sometimes it doesn’t come easy to me and I really have to work for it. But when I’m creating, there’s nothing quite like it and it feels magical.

R13: So does the music come to you easier than the lyrics?
A: Lyrics come easier to me; they come more freely. I love telling stories and being able to express myself.

R13: You have quite a literary background too, what’s your favourite story?
A: Alice In Wonderland! I love looking at the world in a magical way. It’s insane but there isn’t anything out of place, it just works. I enjoy being baffled!

R13: What made you decide to release music under the name ‘A Fine Frenzy’, rather than Alison Sudol?
A: I think this industry can get too focused on a person as an entity or celebrity. I make music and at the end of the day, it should be about the music. It’s not really about me. I want people to experience the record as their own and not as my viewpoint of the world.

R13: What do you like most about coming to the UK?
A: The little details of the language are amazing! Like for instance, you call speed bumps ‘humps’ - it’s adorable! Or like all the little names of towns and villages - it’s cute, it’s so cute! It’s just so ‘darling’! I also love the fact that teatime is taken so seriously here.

R13: The Great British cup of tea is something of a tradition, it always seems we’re more mad about tea than other countries I’ve been to.
A: But I’m mad about tea too! In the States, it’s really hard to find a good cup of tea too. My step dad is English so I grew up with it and we don’t mess around with it. If we don’t have teatime, everyone is grumpy!

R13: Given that Americans seem to love the classic idea of British life, do you drink it out of fine bone china with your little finger pointing outwards?
A: No way! I have it out of big mugs! I love being delicate but I love the taste of tea so I want a load of it! I love PG Tips or Peppermint with a pastry. Camomile doesn’t seem to work with me for the getting to sleep thing.....Sigur Ros does though! Kings Of Convenience and Iron & Wine do too.

R13: So how was touring with Rufus Wainwright; he didn’t turn you into a bit of a diva?!
A: Not at all - I bow down to him. He is a diva but in the best of ways. He’s not diva attitude wise......although, maybe he is and we just love him for it! He’s just flamboyant and outrageous and wonderful and hilarious! I had been a fan before but after the tour, I really miss seeing him. I had a chance to sing ‘Across the Universe’ with both Rufus and Sean Lennon on stage and it was amazing.

R13: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever read about yourself?
A: I’ve read that my face is crooked, which made me stare in the mirror for a while until I thought, ‘you know what, it IS crooked’. I read that I try too hard and that I’m pretentious. It used to devastate me completely. I’m still not immune to it yet. You know, I’m still a human being, and a super-sensitive one at that! We all have our own insecurities and I am flawed like any other human being...quite flawed really! I just think it’s hard to think something bad of yourself already and then to have someone else say it. All I really care about at the end of the day, I guess, is that if there are a few people who can get something out of my music or feel touched by it, then I am doing my job. If it makes peoples life a little better then great ‘cos music makes my life a little better.

R13: What has been the highlight of your year?
A: Getting to tour with Rufus and having my first album released in the states! I mean, it’s in stores!

R13: Who would play you in a film of your life?
A: Oooooh, erm, Kate Winslet! She’s great and is in one of my favourite films of all time, ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’. She’s unlikable but lovable in that film. I also adore ‘Stranger Than Fiction’, I watched it so much on tour. Same with ‘The Life Aquatic’ as well.

R13: What does 2008 hold in store for you?
A: Lots of touring, a lot of writing and hopefully making another album, I want to make another one as soon as possible. I also wanna tour over in Britain again as well, but I’m not sure as to when or where that’ll be. I can’t wait.....I don’t even wanna leave now!!