So, can you guys introduce yourselves for the newbies to the world of Aereogrammeosity?
Craig B - Guitar/Vocals
Iain Cook- Programming/Guitar
Campbell McNeil- Bass/Day-to-day running
Martin Scott- Drums/Merch Monkey

R13 writer Erin Sheridan says that your music is difficult to define - can you yourselves define it, or are you anti-genre types?
I understand the need for reference points because it does help, but I'm terrible at describing our music. On an Aereogramme album you can expect to find an orchestra alongside a screamingfit, an uncomfortable digital pulse alongside a pop melody and cat shagging a dog. Hope that helps.

What bands influenced the sound that you guys infuse into your music?
Well, Campbell, Martin and Iain get very influenced by technological advancements in whatever new album they are listening to, so, the drum sound of the new "Secret Machines" album will influence us, or the bass sound of the new "Tool" album etc... I get very influenced by emotional outpourings in the latest bands I'm listening to. For example, I keep namechecking this song by KNUT called "h/armless". It's one riff throughout the whole song and yet the vocals are near perfect in terms of sheer gut-wrenching emotion and that makes me go back to my house and make me want to write something as equally uncomfortable and emotionally involving.

Did anything else in your lives, music aside, influence the way your music is?
We all have a great love for films and their influence has been especially felt on our latest album "Seclusion". It seems to be the films from Japan and Korea that have been able to shock/scare me for the first time in years, and it's that ability to use a genre like horror and create something new and genuinely moving, in whatever way, that interests me. I want to do the same with guitar music.

So, you're supporting Hell is for Heroes in October? Quite a big change from Idlewild, if you ask me. How're you feeling about this main support slot?
See, to me, I don't see the big difference between the two, because I think we are very different to both bands but I'm looking forward to it. I expect there will be some kids who will have already decided we are shit but I think there will be more kids who are open to our music and I look forward to playing to them.

Apparently Charlie from Busted is a big fan of your music - is the feeling mutual?
I understand the need for pop music and quite frankly, when it's done well, I like it as much as any other music I listen to. Jamelia writes a great tune but then there is a strain of pop music that falls into a category that is so contrived that it actually hasn't got very much to do with the love and passion of music. It's business, and that's fine, but that's not what I'm involved in, and thats why Charlie is a millionaire and I'm not - but good for him. I doubt he would ever compare Aereogramme and Busted because they are two very different things. His brother is in a great band though, called "Brigade" and Charlie has that side project which I would be very interested in hearing.

Are you still fans of the local music scene in Glasgow?
I'm the wrong person to ask because I'm a bit of a hermit. There are some great bands out there but they are not part of the "scene" that everyone outside of Glasgow knows about. Think about it, the scene that everyone talks about right now, and in the past, has been a very specific type of music. It has NEVER included the heavy bands that play in Glasgow, and the metal scene here has some truely incredible contenders. You never get to hear this music, because whenever there is a free CD given away in the Sunday papers involving Glasgow bands, it's always the same fucking type of music - and it gets right on my tits.

Were you well connected with the music scene in Glasgow, or was it a big struggle to get noticed at first?
We all worked in and around the scene, in the pubs that supported it, so we did get to know a lot of people, but I think we just went ahead and did what we wanted to do anyway. I think we do stand on our own in some respects, but there are many bands in our position. Maybe we should get together as outcasts. The eclectic elite...

And finally, do you think neds appreciate your music?
Hmmm... don't really know. I guess there is an element of the Floyd about us sometimes, so... maybe?