Estonia is a small country that borders with Latvia and Russia. A strange way to introduce an interview you may think, however, it gives you an idea just how far Kerli has come. Now with Island Def Jam Records behind her it’s just a matter of time before Kerli is a household name. We caught up with her to find out what she makes of it all.

R13: For those who haven’t heard of Kerli can you tell us a little about yourself?
Kerli: I’m a fallen angel from the eastern European forest. The innocent whore, sucidal dreamer, psycho. But cute :)

R13: You have signed to Island Def Jam Records- Is a major record deal something that you ever imagined happening to you?
K: Yes. I always knew where I was going to go. I kind of created it in my head when I was 7 or so.

R13: You have some very strong viewpoints and aren’t afraid to voice them (which is very refreshing nowadays) do you think that this will change now that you are signed to a major record label; or will you continue to let the world know how you think?
K: If I wouldn’t let the world know what I think, I would do this whole thing for the wrong reasons.

R13: How have you found the support from Estonia? Are they proud of their musical export?
K: They write stories about me saying I’m a drug addict and Satan worshipper and other interesting stuff they manage to come up with. Let’s just say that they have no clue what I’m doing and they really want to see me fail.

R13: What does writing and performing music give you that nothing else does?
K: Freedom to be a fool.

R13: You are open about not caring about what people think about you or what people class your music as- where does your confidence come from? Is it an attitude that comes from maturity or a love of the music that you are producing?
K: Come from understanding that none of this shit matters. That all I can do is to be happy. Making music is my way to be happy. Even the darkness won’t darken my light.

R13: You have mentioned in other interviews how you have grown with your music, have your fans grown with you or are you now reaching out to a completely different fan base?
K: I have never had a fan base. I’ve had a few people who have been supportive, but it hasn’t been until now that I can talk to so many amazing people through my music.

R13: Your blogs are very thought provoking and inspirational- is this something you want to immolate in your music? What do you want to give people with your music?
K: Oh, thank you! I didn’t know what to do with all my thoughts and I know that there are people out there who think like me, so I thought… why don’t we communicate?

R13: You have had an amazing response on Myspace- are you able to keep in touch with your fans?
K: I really try to. I love that I can be close with them.

R13: On your Myspace you mention that you feel like you’re an alien and that you don’t belong- are you starting to feel a sense of belonging now or is this something you are going to have to wait for?
K: My belonging comes from not belonging. I once wrote, “Let me stay and watch the sky above me. It is my only friend” in a song and the producer told me not to write like this because it’s brutal. I changed it but I shouldn’t have. How free does this way of being make me? The sky is my father and the earth is my mother and the universe is my home. Cozy.

R13: How are you dealing with everyone now knowing who you are? Is it difficult growing in popularity and people wanting to know your story?
K: Does anyone know who I am? I didn’t know that.

R13: You are starting to do a lot of interviews- are there questions that you keep getting asked that you are tired of answering?
K: Yes. I’m going to make little sheets of paper with answers to questions like where is Estonia and who are your musical influences.

R13: Finally, what does the future hold for you? What are you planning for the next few years?
K: And to that question too! :) I don’t want to know what’s going to happen. I just want to walk and fall and get up and keep going.