R13: What can we expect from the new album?
Screech: Thrills, pills & bellyaches. We were listening to The Happy Mondays a lot in the studio, and Erol Alkan is the new Paul Oakenfold.

R13: Your music has always had stories to tell, so what kinds of situations does ‘Couples’ deal with?
Reenie: The kind of themes and ideas you might see on Skins, or Agatha Christie's Poirot.

R13: You’ve announced more UK dates following your mini tour, do you still find touring exciting and enjoyable?
Screech: Very much so, it’s my favourite part of being band. It’s going to be especially exciting this time round ‘cause this will be the first time we’ve played these songs to people so it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of reaction they get.

R13: You’re touring pretty much non-stop until the Summer now, what do you do to relax?
Screech: Doing the G2 crossword whilst listening to the ‘birdsong’ station on digital radio.

R13: Are you hoping to play any festivals over the summer?
Screech: Only ones where they can guarantee sunshine.

R13: You changed the first release from the new album to ‘Century’, what made you decide that would be the strongest single?
Screech: We just felt it gave a better impression of where we’re at musically. I think this album is certainly a progression from the last album both musically and lyrically and we wanted the first single to be a statement that reflected that.

R13: You’ve got a series of US dates lined up for later this summer, is your music popular over there?
Screech: Popular enough for us to go out and tour for a bit anyway! The first album got a lot of good reviews and last time we went out the gigs were really well received so we’re hoping we can continue to build on that.

R13: Are there places that you always love playing, as you know you’ll get a warm welcome?
Screech: In the UK Manchester is always pretty insane, and abroad Germany is always exciting.

R13: The artwork for ‘Couples’ was designed by Kate and you’ve said in the past that you want your albums to be a complete product with iconic artwork, what’s your all-time favourite album cover?
Reenie: The covers for 'Indiscreet' and 'Propaganda' by Sparks are pretty much perfect.

R13: Which artists are you inspired by?
Reenie: Jannis Kounellis?

R13: Your music has a strong Britpop element and your style seems to be rather like 80’s fashion, do you ever wish you’d been born been in another era and if so, which?
Screech: I’m perfectly happy now, ‘cause it means we’ve so many more past eras to steal stupid clothes from

R13: If you could revive one band from the past to play with, who would it be?
Screech: Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

R13: Which current groups are you into?
Screech: The best new band is this duo from Leeds called Dawn Weaver. I’ve only seen them once and they only did one song, but their attitude was ‘we’ve got this one great song, there’s no need for us to play you anymore’. It was a very good song.
Reenie: Booker T and the Cup of Tea's.

R13: Which of the band members would do best if forced to take part in a reality TV show?
Screech: Emma

R13: We’re really looking forward to hearing the album and seeing you guys live again, thanks for your time!