R13: The last time we heard from you guys was about 4 years ago so it's wonderful to catch up again, and great to see that you've just signed a deal, what does that entail?
Jim: Well, we are currently working on an album which should see the light of day later this year in Europe, and possibly the UK also. If all goes well we will be asked to make another one.

R13: How's the new album going then?
Jim: We've been working on it for a while on and off for about 18 months. We wanted the opportunity to experiment with different sounds and styles, i think after touring the last album so hard we needed to have a look at what else we were musically capable of as a band.

R13: What can we expect to hear?
Jim: I think that there are some typical Soho tracks on this record, it's not a complete departure from the old stuff, there will always be some pop in what we do. There are however a few more random ideas and some bastardised tracks. The first record was a little refined at times, almost every track had a chance of being a single of some kind. Not this time.

R13: What level of success are you aiming for with the album, are you happy just to please the fans?
Jim: I'd like to think the doors have re-opened somewhat for us. Having a label that understands what you do helps. Now we have the tools to reach more people with our music, not just the ones who know us already.

R13: Is it easy to get your music heard being based in Winchester?
Jim: I think these days it makes no difference where you are. If you work hard, put the hours in, and write good music you will be heard. When you consider our relationship with Major Records began in Hamburg it shows the lengths you may have to go to get heard!

R13: You played Vienna recently, did that come about because of the German label?
Jim: No, we played some shows in Germany in 2006 with a band called IAMX and met some promoters and agents there. A few opportunities came up as a result of that really.

R13: How did you go down over there?
Jim: Great, Europe is always good to us on the whole.

R13: Where in the world would you really love to play?
Jim: I think I can speak for the three of us when I say MEXICO, or maybe the States at some point too. Watch this space!

R13: Are you hoping to play any festivals this summer?
Jim: We may do one or two, I think next year we will do a lot more to promote the record.

R13: Which would be your preferred festivals?
Jim: I'd like to go back to Montreux festival and play again, we played last year and it was great! The Sonara festival in Barcelona looks good too, and maybe the Mera Luna festival, which always has a strong, line up.

R13: Who would you really like to play alongside?
Jim: Elvis Costello, Primal Scream, Johnny Cash (oops!), Vince Clarke, Alexander Robotnick, KLF, Ladytron, Dusty Springfield (oops!) and Mew.

R13: Who are your favourite bands of 2008 so far?
Jim: The Whip, Capital X, We are Performance, Delays and Boytronic.

R13: Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing the new material.
Jim: Thanks to you too!