Growing up in New York, currently contributing to the fresh and exciting Californian music scene, and aiming to put in appearances across the globe, the Makepeace Brothers are definitely an interesting band with a tasty sound to wrap your gums around. A combination of eclectic musical style and green-minded ethics, they are certainly part of the new age of artists. We caught up with them during their travels around the US on the Music, Magic and Make Peace Tour, and middle brother Finian was kind enough to reveal his superhero identity- among other, slightly more music-related, things.

R13: For those who don’t know anything about Makepeace Brothers, who are you?
Finian Makepeace: We are four brothers who grew up writing music together and have been involved in movements of positive change since we were young. The Makepeace Brothers are Aidan, Liam, Finian, and Ciaran (our last name is really Makepeace). Currently it is the younger two of us Makepeace Brothers (Finian and Ciaran) who are on tour with long time friend and bass player Conor Gaffney.

R13: You’re on tour at the moment; how’s it going?
FM: It is really exactly how we wanted to do our first tour, so it is amazing. The tour is called Music Magic Make Peace (so we get to be spreading the exact message we wanted to) and we are touring with some of our best friends. It rocks!

R13: What have been the highlights so far?
FM: Being around people who are awesome all the time is a highlight. The shows like Chicago, New Orleans and Philadelphia were all amazing feeling venues and the crowds were full of great people; props to Jason (Mraz) here for having such great fans.

In New Orleans several of us were brought on a tour of the 6th 7th 8th and 9th wards where, after three years, the hurricane destruction was still unbelievable. The tour of the wards was a highlight, not in the way that it was the most fun thing we did, rather we were really able to grasp what happened in New Orleans and how badly it is being neglected currently.

R13: Justin Kredible is on the tour with you- is it true that a magician never reveals his secrets? What, he hasn’t even taught you one lousy card-trick?!
FM: When you ask him to tell you he never does, but being around him you start to build theories on how he makes his tricks and sometimes the theories turn out to be right. He has taught us a couple of tricks here and there. It is also more fun and exciting when you don’t know what is happening (you get to laugh in amazement like a kid, its great :) ).

R13: This tour is in association with Reverb (an organization dedicated to bringing eco-friendliness to the world of touring music) • how has that added to your touring experience?
FM: The experience has been great. What has been added is a constant consciousness on things like where your waste is going and what food you’re putting in your body. One example: we are not using small plastic bottled waters; we have our own aluminium bottles that we fill from the main water jugs ( I am always trying to keep track of mine). Also, during the show we often remind the audience of the choices they make in regard to consumption. We give the example of voting with your dollars (what you spend your money on is a vote for that type of good, people get that it works well as a message).

R13: How close do you think the world is getting to being truly green-minded?
FM: A lot closer than a few years ago, but there is still so much that has to be done. Being from California, you see that some major progress happening there. Then you go to other parts of the country and are reminded that people are resistant to change everywhere. Moving towards a green future is something that we in America need to be committed to otherwise it really will not happen; we may lose out to the systems that are in place and our own complacency. So, we are still a ways from being truly green minded as a society.

R13: How hard is it to be in a band together as siblings? Any rivalry?
FM: It is great. Actually, we get along really well for brothers. The older two have a more trouble not arguing :). We all appreciate each other though, I think being friends as well as brothers growing up has allowed us to work together really well in our adult life.

R13: Seriously though, you’re obviously all musically minded and talented, but what is it that made you want to form a band together?
FM: Well, the three oldest of us (Aidan, Liam, and Finian) formed and played in the World Rock band “Oculus” for over six years before the Makepeace Brothers was talked about. So we have been musically working together for a long while. At this point, the Makepeace Brothers seemed to be the place where each of our song writing styles worked best together. Also, Ciaran, the youngest, started writing some really great stuff and he needed to be included. So, about two years ago we said, “It’s time to do the Makepeace Brothers.” We all kind of knew it was inevitable at some point any way, so why not start it.

R13: How much were you inspired musically as kids? What things influenced all four of you?
FM: Music was all over the place in our home. We listened to our parents’ and our records and tapes all the time as kids (our parents had great taste in music). Our mother wrote and played music as well (she has so many songs but never performed live, but she always played in the house for us). Music festivals, particularly the Grassroots Festival of Music and dance, were a huge influence on all four of us. The festivals allowed us to watch and listen to great music from all over the world at a really young age and many times from back stage. The first year after high school three of us were exchange students in Brazil and Costa Rica; being in these places gave us so many new musical influences and concepts (we would also dance to the music of Salsa, Meringue, and Forro the Brazilian partner dance). Music has been a huge part of our lives from the beginning.

R13: Having read your bio, I guess asking you what your favourite childhood TV show was is a bit of a pointless exercise… So… Have you ever felt deprived?
FM: That is a funny question. I guess the real and funny answer would be: having health conscious parents we did not get lots of sugar treats as kids so even things like sugar cereals and Crest toothpaste were exciting.

R13: You just fell in a litre of radioactive liquid, and have been gifted with uber superpowers. What is your new superhero name?
FM: “Makepeace Man”, right?

R13: Bert vs Ernie. Fight to the death. Survivor?
FM: Try to resolve the situation with the two of them. I mean, these guys have been great friends for a while I bet something just got in the way of their friendship. We could work it out for sure ;)

I would say “make peace, brothers!”

Thank you so much for the interview! Rock on Room Thirteen.