Forced to pull out of their UK tour earlier this year with Bullet For My Valentine to finish working on their latest album, ‘The Tide And Its Takers’, 36 Crazyfists are back and ready to rock Download Festival for an amazing third time. With two Download’s already under their belts, the Alaskan band are ready to prove to the doubters that this is still a metal festival at heart as front man Brock Lindow took some time to tell R13 all about the coming UK tour, guest appearances on the new album and just why sunscreen, beer and Judas Priest are all you need to survive Download 2008.

R13: You’re back at Download for the third time, how excited are you to be asked back?
BL We’re honoured to be asked back for our third time at Donington...I mean when you think of how many zillions of bands there are, its pretty great to be included even once, so yeah were thrilled..

R13: What’s been your best experience of Download?
BLJust playing in front of that many awesome people and seeing that many mosh pits in one song is amazing ... rubbing elbows with the big mega stars ain’t too shabby either…

R13: Having played the festival a few times now you’re basically Download veterans including in 2006 when the festival ended with riots. Can you share your festival wisdom with us and offer any survival tips?
BL:Sun screen seems to be high on my survival list, it has been really hot each time we were there, that and water....And plenty of beer!!!!

R13: There’s been a slight backlash about the festival this year, particularly on the forums concerning the line up with many metal fans feeling that Download is becoming less of a metal festival, do you think this is actually the case?
BL I just have this to say ... JUDAS FUCKING PRIEST!!!! Is that metal enough for ya!!

R13: Which bands on the Download bill would you recommend people check out?
BL:Judas Priest, Testament, Throwdown, Bleeding Through, Incubus ...

R13: Recording of your last album The Tide And Its Takers was delayed forcing you to pull out of a UK tour with Bullet For My Valentine, how frustrating and annoying was this for you?
BL: It was a bummer because we really wanted to come and party with our boys in Bullet, but in the end it was the right decision to work a little more on the record and finish it up..

R13: Although you didn’t make it to the UK earlier this year you’re making up for it with some dates around your Download appearance, what can fans expect from these shows?
BL:Well we will have our new record out so we will be playing a mix of old and new songs and it’ll be a really great drunked up time.....

R13: You’ve collaborated with a few people in the past including Killswitch Engage’s Howard Jones on ‘Elysium’, are there plans for any more collaborations and if you could choose anyone to work with who would it be?
BL:I had Candace From Walls Of Jericho and Adam from 12 Tribes on our new album...Id like to do a collaboration with Chuck Billy Or Ian Astbury.

R13: You’re making your American festival debut at the Mayhem Festival just before Download, are you nervous about this or just eager to show them what they’ve been missing out on?
BL:Not too nervous at all, but really looking forward to playing a fest in our country

R13: How different are the crowds at American festivals compared to the UK?
BL:Well this being our first American fest I’m not that great of a judge on it, but the UK fans at the fests are amazing and will set the bar extremely out of reach I’m assuming.

R13: What else have you got planned for the rest of the year?
BL:Touring and nothing but touring, it’ll be a great year of full on rockin!!!!