This year is Whitesnake's 30th Anniversary. To celebrate, they're hitting the road with another set of British hard rock legends, Def Leppard. Yorkshireman David Coverdale has been Whitesnake's only incumbent member since the start of Whitesnake way back in 1978 but his passion for the band still remains. RoomThirteen caught up with the legendary singer for a wee chinwag...

R13: You're the only staple of Whitesnake since its birth. Does the name "Whitesnake" mean more to you than say, a "David Coverdale" solo project would?
David Coverdale: Yes, of course. When I do my own stuff, I don't necessarily have to have as many chest beaters. I can mess around with the kinder, gentler Coverdale (laughs) With Whitesnake, it's a much more recognisable name on a theatre poster, as butch as it comes. Although I am planning some acoustic solo, kind of 'Up Close & Personal' shows somewhere down the line. Thanks for calling me a 'staple'. Maybe I can try out for 'The Staple Singers'

R13: Speaking of touring, You're just about to hit the road with Def Leppard. The pair of you are two of the most high profile bands to come out of the UK in the 80s. Is this the first time the two bands have come together like this?
DC Yes, other than coming together for a pint. Oh, hang on, we did 'Gods Of Metal' (dramatic echoing chord ) in Italy in 06. Joseph & I are dodgy email pals. His are so perverse, I can't imagine what his Mam must think. He still lives at home, you see.
R13: Who would win in a battle of the hair between you and Joe Elliot?
DCI think I'll let referee Vidal Sassoon be the the judge of that. Over to you, Vidal!

R13: Like Def Leppard, you've had enormous success in the US, What would you attribute your popularity "across the pond" to?
DC: Probably something simple, like we are bloody good bands, with potent songs that have thankfully connected in some way & continue to fuel support. Of course, it helps when all the stars are aligned & Lady Luck throws you a bone!
R13: As well as the arena tour, you're playing a couple of festivals. Which do you prefer and how do you think the crowds differ?
DC: I just love doing shows, the more the merrier, to be honest. At the Sweden Rock Festival they all wear horny, Viking helmets. In Manchester you don't see quite so many!
R13: Have you a favourite festival moment?
DC:Yes. I have loads. I'm saving 'em for me book, 'How White Was My Snake'!

R13: Whitesnake's new album "Good to be Bad" was released recently. How does do you personally feel it compare to earlier efforts like, for example "Whitesnake" or "Slip of the Tongue"?
DC: Sorry, I don't play 'The Comparison Game', just 't'ain't interesting to me. I love the new album, I feel it covers a multitude of sins. It's a bloody good Whitesnake & I should know, I'm the staple singer! But, what's important to me &, after all these years, I have some cracking new Whitesnake songs to sing. YES!!

R13: Be honest, have you ever tired of singing "Here I Go Again"?
DC: I'm always honest, it doesn't serve me to be anything else. To be honest, no. I don't. When I stand there & hear thousands of people, all over this amazing world we share, singing that song with me, lyric perfect, all else disappears. It's always a magical moment, a heart & soul connection. Very special...

R13: Finally, what's next for Whitesnake?
DC: Who knows? Right now, we're going to ride this wave as far & as wide as we can. This is a very special time in the affairs of Whitesnake. They’re to be savoured!

Whitesnake are currently touring with Def Leppard, visit for details. 'Good to Be Bad' is out now through Steamhammer/SPV.