R13: Your tour kicks off this month, are you looking forward to playing so many venues?
James: Yeah should be amazing, really can’t wait!!

R13: Are you surprised that most of the dates have sold out?
James: Yea!! Really surprised, knowing that so many people want to pay to come and watch your band is a great feeling!

R13: How will you entertain yourselves on the road?
James: Well we’ve recently got into playing a lot of cards, poker and a new game called cheat! Which I normally win I might add!

R13: You've been playing some pretty big shows with McFly, did that feel at all daunting?
James: Yea that’s been great fun, I think to myself it should be daunting in prospect, but its not, we love it!

R13: Would you like to have the ubiquity that McFly have with a celebrity lifestyle, or are you just happy to play your music?
James: We just want to keep being able to make music and play to people who wanna listen

R13: What's been the best show that you've played so far?
James: Party In The Park Leeds was pretty cool, 70,000 people! But there has been so many, personally I enjoyed Bristol Academy with Bowling For Soup, the place was buzzing!

R13: Your album release has been put back to next year, was that your decision?
James: Yea we just felt we wanted to release another single before we release the album.

R13: What can we expect from the album?
James: Lots of things! It's just one big party! We are really proud of it and think people will like it!

R13: Could you tell us some more about the ideas behind your favourite song from the album?
James: My favourite song from the album is ‘I’m With You’; its just one of those songs that after we finished writing it and listening back to it, its something I’m really proud of.

R13: Are you still working on the album or will simply be taking a break after the tour?
James: After our tour we have a couple of weeks off I think, then we are back in the studio writing some more stuff, not for any particular reason just to keep writing, the album was finished a few months ago.

R13: You've been nominated for Best Newcomer in the Kerrang! Awards, what do you think of the competition (Dead Swans, We Are The Ocean, Slaves To Gravity, Elliot Minor), are they all bands that you appreciate? What do you think your chances of winning are?
James: Yea the Kerrang nomination was really out of the blue, it should be amazing, I’ve checked out all the bands who are nominated and they are all cool bands so who knows!
What ever happens we’ll have fun!