The Goo Goo Dolls are one of they bands that everyone seems to know the name of but perhaps doesn’t know many of their songs. ‘Iris’ has been their biggest hit to date but the band have a second volume of their greatest hits set which they hope will rejig a few memories. R13 caught up with front man John Rzeznick for the lowdown about the bands past, present and hopefully the future if they get off their ass.

R13:You have had over twenty years as a band; did you ever think you would be together this long?
JR:I never thought we would be together for a month much less this long. Now we have been together so long no other band would have any of us as a member

R13:If you could name the three biggest highs …what would they be?
JR:Hearing a song that inspires me , a woman that finds you attractive, and a great audience

R13:Was it an honour for John to be recognized by the Songwriters Hall of Fame?
JR:It was amazing I felt vindicated after losing 4 Grammys!

R13:Volume II of the greatest hits package is ready for release soon, what was the thinking behind this follow up?
JR: It contains a lot of songs the casual fan might not have ever heard and a live concert which is always fun

R13:What is your favourite song on this new compilation?
JR:I love the original 1999 demo of iris. . Its so raw

R13:How are the plans for the next album of new material going?
JR:it’s a bit of a struggle, you always want to top your last work. I tend to get anxiety and panic, and then I get down to work and get it done.

R13:You recently played in the UK at the Wireless gigs in London, did you that enjoy that type of day?
JR:I love playing festivals in the UK its so different than in the states. It feels more deeply embedded into the culture .kind of a right of passage

R13:Are you a festival band or do you prefer your own shows?
JR:if I could play in front of that many people on my own I think I would answer
My own shows. That being said its nice to meet with other bands and get their point of view

R13:You have appeared on a few film soundtracks, any plans to feature on any more?
JR:No plans as of now but its fun work when you can get it

R13:What are your plans for rest of year?
JR: To get off my ass and be productive

R13:Any final messages for our readers?
JR: Thank you for always singing along and treating us kindly.

Theres obviously only so many bands you can love and The Goo Goo Dolls may be destined to hold a place of like rather than love but with their honest endeavor and attitude, they’ll always have a demand for their brand of music.