Room Thirteen caught up with Everest for a chat, and Russell Pollard was good enough to answer some questions about how the band is getting along these days. Here's what he had to say:

R13: For those who don't know, who is Everest and how did you guys get together?
RP: Everest is me, Russell Pollard, Joel Graves, Jason Soda, Davey Latter and Elijah Thomson. We formed in Los Angeles in 2006, at a Taco stand.

R13: You seem to have a pretty flexible line-up- how did that come about?
RP: As a band, you do what you can to stick together and support each other. But sometimes people want or need to follow a more personal path. The line-up is now solid and I don't expect it to change.

R13: How does being a part of Everest compare to the other bands that you've been a part of before now?
RP: It's a different band.

R13: Your album was recorded in two weeks using old analogue equipment; why did you decide to record it like this? What did it bring to the sound?
RP: We are recordists as well as members of Everest and we like old equipment. A lot of the records that inspire us were recorded on the same type of gear. Tape sounds warm and rich like melted butter. What's not to like about that?

R13: By taking out a lot of the modern technology, and cutting straight to tape, do you think that you've captured a more 'live' sound?
RP: Yes absolutely. We played in a room together while the tape rolled. That's what we were motivated to do, capture the band live in a room, playing together.

R13: With this being your debut album, how have you dealt with the pressure to deliver the best you can? Are you confident in the final results?
RP: We've dealt with the pressure just fine. We're a good band and we're confident in ourselves, but humble enough to keep ourselves grounded.

R13: You guys were working at Young-owned Vapor Records when you started passing along demos; was that the reason for working at Vapor Records or were you just trying to make the best of the situation that you were in?
RP: Our advisor and Radio guy, Chester Wolfe works at Vapor, none of us do. Vapor is a great label, they support us in ways that many labels wouldn't or couldn't. We wanted to work with them from the start. Neil Young and Elliot Roberts are pillars, and heroes to us. I feel very fortunate to have their support and respect.

R13: What has being linked to Neil Young done for Everest?
RP: Neil has given us his attention, which has been a huge thing for us as musicians and fans. It's an honour.

R13: You've seemed to enjoy a kind of community spirit with the likes of Neil Young. How do you think that community aspect benefits and affects the creativity of artists like yourselves?
RP: The family that surrounds Neil Young is wonderful and loving and flowing with spirit and energy. To be welcomed as a part of that family, that community has been one of the most meaningful life experiences for us. It has affected creative output in very positive and honest way. He has exposed us or introduced us rather, to many great people.

R13: You were all friends before being in the band; how do you find the claustrophobic nature of touring affects your friendship?
RP: We have a good time with it. Go to to see for yourself. The photos capture us on tour in a way words can't describe.

R13: You've done your fair share of touring. How have you found the reception away from the loving arms of the USA?
RP: I have preferred touring in Europe and Canada to be honest. No slag on our Home Country, but it's been proven to us that music and art are held with much higher respect outside of America.

R13: What are you planning for 2009 and into the future?
RP: We expect to tour through the summer. We're working on a new record now and will continue to record in between touring dates.