Room Thirteen caught up with the lovely lads from Kingsize for a chat. All four were kind enough to answer some questions about their plans for a new album, touring and what what happens when all trains lead to Guilford. Here's what they had to say:

R13: How did you all meet?
Zanny Ali: Mike met George in Uni and they kinda had members join and leave. I knew Mike from school and we rekindled our relationship about three years ago when I joined the band and Rupert joined us about two years ago. Yeah and everything’s going alright, that’s about it really.
R13: You mentioned line-up changes, is this it now? The final line-up?
Mike McCartney: Yeah this is it. This is the most stable that it’s been, long may it continue.

R13: For those people reading this and maybe don’t know who you are - can you tell us a bit about yourselves?
MM: Sure thing, we’re Kingsize we’re on the Jack Willis Fresher’s Tour at the moment. We’ve been signed to Weekender Records for a couple of years.
ZA: We’ve got our debut album “Love, Lust and Other Disasters”, came out six months ago.
MM: It actually came out a year ago.
Rupert Turner and George DL in unison: Over a year ago.
ZA: Who’s counting? You three clearly; who cares, either way it’s still out now if you want to buy it. We’re working on some new material that’s going to be out in the next couple months.
R13: So releasing your debut album is always an exciting time; were you happy with the final results?
MM: Yeah I was. The album was like a collection of songs that we had been playing and had in the band for like three or four years. We were really happy with how it sounded, but that was over a year ago now; so the songs that we’re writing and playing now has moved on a lot from our debut album. That happens naturally I guess.

R13: Which songs were you most excited to share with the world?
RT: Daze.
MM: Yeah probably Daze. It’s the song that we’ve been able to shoot a music video for, we’re released it various times.
GD: We’re recorded it three times.
MM: I think that it’s the song that we’ve received the most acclaim for. It’s been used in various TV shows and had radio play. I guess it’s our signature track.
ZA: Because we recorded it so many times when it came down to doing the album version we were like, this has got to be the definitive one. We wanted it to be the best version, no more retakes, no more messing about; we got it done and got it out. I do think though that the album version is the most balanced version of Daze.

R13: You’re debut was recorded in Berlin. Why Germany and how did that come about?
MM: It came about because there was this band that was on our label, and their Guitarist Ed had a studio in Berlin. Our label at the time asked if we wanted to go out there and record some tracks for potential singles. We fell in love with the place so they sent us back to do the album. It’s become like a home away from home for us now really. We go out there every couple of months, we record tracks out there and do shows out there.

R13: What sort of audiences are you trying to reach with your music?
MM: Anyone that’s in front of us.
R13: Do you think that people that are listening to your music need to bring anything to the table?
GD: I think that its accessible music, but you've just got to come to the table with a sense of fun about you I suppose. We do have more serious moments and it’s reflected in the set; but when you listen to the album there’s a lot of more fun and upbeat moments and I think that’s more what our music is about. Enjoying music and enjoying ourselves around the music.

R13: Which do you prefer? Having to win over an audience that has never heard your music before or playing to dedicated fans?
MM: A bit of both.
RT: They’re such different experiences. Sometimes we’ll play shows where we’re not expecting anything. We know that we’re on tour and the majority of people at the show have never heard of us. We’ll get to the end of the set and it'll start to pick up, the band has so much energy and they are all dancing and I guess if you turn that over then it’s different. In a way it can sometimes be more rewarding than playing to people that know you and your music; you’re already going to be on a high anyway because it’s the environment that you’re in. There’s that feeling of achievement.

R13: Who have been you’re greatest musical influences?
MM: Nice. Quickfire! I can’t say one though.
RT: I know your one.
MM: Whose mine one?
RT: Guns’n’Roses
MM: Yeah but, oh alright, Guns’n’Roses probably. I’ve always wanted to be in that band man, maybe one day I will.
RT: Mine’s uh Neil Young.
GD: I’m going to go with the quite cool David Bowie.
ZA: I thought you were going to go with Johnny Cash. I’ll go with Morrissey.
GD: I’ll swap and take Johnny Cash if you want to take David Bowie.
ZA: No I said Morrissey
GD: But you can take Bowie
ZA: No Bowie would be like six or seven I reckon.
R13: Would you say any of your personal influences have also been band influences too?
MM: I’d say definitely a combination of the four.
ZA: And then add another ten on top of that. We’re not really that current with the newest radar bands.

R13: So what do you want to bring to the music industry?
GD: I guess a freshness, a good sense of Rock’n’Roll music which I think is slightly lacking from a largely electronic based music industry at the moment.
ZA: There’s nothing overly clever about our music or what we’re doing at the moment. It’s just honest and I think that may be a little lacking from today’s industry.

R13: You’ve been on the Freshers Tour for ten days now. What reaction have you gotten?
MM: You know it’s been mixed. It’s been very positive at times. Last night we played in Guildford, and that was kinda a hard crowd.
ZA: I think that I can say officially we won’t be going back to Guildford anytime too soon.
MM: They say all trains in London lead to Guildford. Aside from that it’s been a lovely tour, we’re definitely looking forward to London tomorrow night because that’s our home crowd. It’s going to be a big night.

R13: So you’ve toured with the likes of Florence and The Machine, Reverend and The Makers; has that influenced or encouraged you in any way?
MM: I think that with playing with any artist will do that for you. It’s good cause I think it gives you a platform on which to like launch yourself. Ash was a particular favourite of mine, as we’re all such massive fans.
ZA: We played a festival in Austria on the same bill as the Manic Street Preachers, I mean that’s huge. Getting to go to the side of the stage and getting to watch them play, that’s like as big as it comes you know?

R13: What’s in the future for you guys?
ZA: We’ve recorded some new tracks already in Berlin. We’re hoping to be releasing a single in the next two months. We’ll be putting that out ourselves, and then hopefully an album in the New Year. A little bit of touring before then too I’m sure.