Now it's March, spring is in the air, daffodils are popping up and soon little lambs will be running around the fields getting ready to be Sunday lunch but more important it means it is time for a new Band of the Month at R13. So let's welcome We Rock Like Girls Don't, a duo that have been wowing crowds up and down the country as well as Europe too, particularly Belgium it seems.

With a new single released in April and an album to follow, it looks like 2010 is going to be one fun year for the twosome. Go and check them out, especially live, to see just what makes Hercule Poirot et al be amazed.

Don't forget to check out R13's Myspace page for two brand spanking new songs from We Rock Like Girls Don't Here

WRLGD formed when Glaswegian guitarist/ vocalist Ros Cairney moved to London, advertised for a Rock'n'Roll Freak in Loot and met her match in Greek/ London drummer Vas Antoniadou. Initially a trio, the band received instant attention with two self released 7" singles ROCK'N'ROLL FREAK and I JUST WANNA STICK MY HEAD IN THE BASS DRUM, and infiltrated the final of Onemusic Unsigned on daytime Radio 1.

After a period of what one might call 'musical differences' they downsized to a duo without losing any of their visceral intensity and released their self-financed debut album HOW DID IT GET TO THIS to underground critical acclaim in 2009.

"How Did It Get To This is the kind of awesome rock record we don't hear often enough" NME 8/10

The pair spent 2009 touring the UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy in their beat up VW estate held together with string and gaffer tape, spurred on by stage invasions in Germany and the crowd singing the words at the Leffingeleuren Festival in Belgium.

"Sledgehammer drums, feedback, noise, hesitation, and after ten seconds: the liberating killer riff. The groove is found, and we are off on one of the most exciting rock rollercoasters of 2009" HUMO.BE 4/5

In August the band signed to DOMINO PUBLISHING COMPANY and got off to a flying start in the new year by recording new material in Seattle with Gossip/ Sleater-Kinney producer John Goodmanson. New single WELCOME TO MY WORLD is released in April 2010.

"They've made the album they've always threatened" ALBUM OF THE WEEK ORGAN

Ros - guitar and vocals
Vas - drums and vocals

PJ Harvey/ White Stripes/ Gossip/ Elastica/ QOTSA/ Siousxie and The Banshees

Sounds Like:
"A cross between Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey and someone using a jackhammer on some majestic outcrop of rock."

Current release and where available:
New double A side download single WELCOME TO MY WORLD/FEELING LONELY NOW is released on April 26th 2010 via Cargo on all major download services.

Debut album How Did It Get To This is available from all major download services. - CD albums and new T Shirts!

Unsigned artists you would recommend:
Kong (
Dandelion Killers (
Mauskramp (

Future Plans:
Releasing single WELCOME TO MY WORLD/FEELING LONELY NOW on April 26th, check myspace for tour updates.

Returning to Seattle to finish the album and planning a North-West tour!

Tour Dates:
18th March-Vox Club, Maldegem, Belgium
19th March- Trap, Kortrijk, Belgium
2nd April-Brittany, France
3rd April-La Regrippiere-France
24th July-Rock Wauberg Festival, Belgium
25th July-Charlatan Club, Gent, Belgium

If you were a kangaroo, what would you have in your pouch:
Not a baby! Far too busy for that. A sat nav for Ros cos she's got no sense of direction and an airbed for Vas cos she likes her power naps.