I first discovered a performer called Jim Bianco when the Hotel Cafe tour took to the shores of the UK back in 2008. Bianco was a captivating and extremely entertaining performer; for the night the audience were wined, dined, charmed and left wanting more. He is set to venture back to Europe in May 2010 and I’d recommend that everyone that can makes sure that they catch a show. You will not be disappointed! With this in mind Room Thirteen decided to catch up with the man that is Jim Bianco:

R13: For those who don’t know who you are; can you tell us a little more about Jim Bianco?
Jim Bianco: I am a person who is sure the answer to this question will mislead readers as to who I am.
I am an active, outspoken enemy of cliché.
I believe I am an artist, but I also believe true artists don't believe
themselves to be artists.
I live in Hollywood, CA in a half-bedroom apartment.
Growing up, my favourite band was Led Zeppelin.
Now, I have too many favourite bands to have a favourite band.
I sleep in a closet.
I can cook.
The last record I listened to was my own.
I am curious about, motivated by and afraid of love.

R13: What started you off on your journey to becoming a musician?
JB: My family used to drive to the beach on Sundays in a 1977 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. It was bigger than some motel rooms I’ve stayed in. My father played an 8 track called 70's GOLD. It was the only music that was ever played in that car. Over and over again. Every song on that album is currently running through my bloodstream. Shhh... listen.

R13: What are your influences? Which influences will we hear on your album?
JB: Leo Cohen, Thelonious Monk, Fats Waller, Tom Waits, Michael Jackson, Billie Holiday, Loudon Wainwright, etc etc....

(You will not hear a Michael Jackson influence on my record, unfortunately. You will, however, see some intense choreography at my live solo/acoustic show)

R13: You have songs about love; stalking and favourable winds blowing up skirts; with such a wide range of subjects what are you wanting people to take from your music?
JB: If somebody's crying, laughing or fucking to my music then I feel I’ve done something right.

R13: I had a read through your music reviews and it seems that they all pick up on the overtly sexual theme that runs through your music, (with references to; Rock of Love strippers, Lusty Percussion, Naughty Musicals, being Lyrically Provocative, and the Male Libido). Is this something that you purposefully decided to share or something that was naturally revealed?
JB: There's a lot of sexual material in my music because I am a man and I write about what's on my mind. Occasionally, I think about other things too; Love, Life, Heartache, Elevator Operators, etc... but deep down inside I am a pervert.

R13: You’ve been a part of the Hotel Cafe community right from the beginning. Do you think community-building places like that are as important for the art itself, as they are for the artists?
JB: Anything that is important for the artist is important for the art. All the friends I’ve made, show's I’ve played, travelling and experiences I’ve had inevitably effect what I write about. So, YES.
That being said, if the Hotel Cafe didn't exist, I would have had different experiences, met different people and written about different things - so, NO.

R13: You’re set to hit the shores of the UK again this year; have you received a good reception from our audiences previously?
JB: Playing with Tom McRae and the Hotel Cafe really opened up some fabulous opportunities and allowed us to play for some pretty cool, smart people who can appreciate something a little different. I am forever grateful to Tom for giving not only me, but a bunch of people at the HOTEL CAFE a great chance to tour Europe.

R13: What's the first thing that you do when you get home off tour? Is it difficult to re-adjust from tour life?
JB: Yeah, it's difficult to recover sometimes, but it's worth it. When I come home from a long tour I just shut myself in for a week or so, literally close the shades, complain to everyone who visits me, second-guess every thought I have, drink, cry, smoke, text, rinse, wash and repeat until desired effect is attained.

R13: Have you ever found it difficult to stay grounded amidst all the craziness that surrounds the life of an artist?
JB: Honesty, I think my reference point for 'grounded' is too fucked up to answer that question.

R13: You come across as very honest throughout everything, whether it is song writing, blogging or interviews - is this a conscious decision not to sugar coat anything?
JB: It's a fact that sugar contains no real nutrition. - Sugar makes your body deteriorate, it tastes good, but it ain't good for you.

R13: How do you feel about the future? What are your plans?
JB: Plans are only outlines for the way things aren't gonna go. For now- I'll tour Europe, come home and put my new record out...after that, I’d be a fool to guess.