We have had plenty of UK bands and even one from America as Band of the Month but we have neglected those bands from over the Irish Sea. June’s Band of the Month rectifies this in cool style. Sweet Jane are playing some great, tight indie rock in the and been getting a lot of praise in the process, having been likened to Jesus and the Mary Chain and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, which can all be heard on the eagerly anticipated debut album due out at the end of June.

As with most months, you can hear tracks from our current and past Band of the Months on our myspace page, this month is no exception and we will have 3 tracks from Sweet Jane for you to enjoy.

Sweet Jane's origins lie in early 2007, comprised of Danda, Lydia Des Dolles and Ruairi Paxton, the trio have successfully become one of Ireland's most exciting and most talked about new bands. In 2008 they released their debut EP ‘Blackboots & Blackhearts’ to a succession of positive reviews from weekly’s, monthlies and the tres important blog world, which in turn saw them featured on their ‘Best Of 2009’ / ‘Hope of 2010’ Lists.

Their live set is described as an energetic roller coaster of sleazy guitars, achingly sexy vocals, split between Lydia and Danda and topped off with their trade mark 'dream-pop rock 'n roll'.

Band Members:
Danda - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Lydia Des Dolles - Vocals and Percussion
Ruairi Paxton - Bass
Donagh O Brien - Drums

Red Wine
Gram Parsons
Noel Gallagher
Record Players
Fleetwood Mac
Hotel Rooms
Black Mountain
The Flying Burrito Brothers
The Premier League
The Rolling Stones
Old Vinyl
Royal Trux
Creation Records

Sounds Like:
Dream-Pop Rock & Roll

Current release and where it's available:
'Blackboots & Blackhearts' EP [2008]
'You're Making This Hard' Single [Dec 2009]
'Black Eyes' Single [May 2010]
'Sugar For My Soul' LP [July 2010]

All available from

Up and coming artists you would recommend:
Being genuine, I don’t think any of us could answer that, we're pretty much on tour or in the studio, or doing some kind of press, so we're completely missing out on any new bands around us, we never really clicked into a lot of music scenes, we've always just kept our heads down and got to work, you know?

Future Plans:
Releasing the new record, lots of touring, and now that its the summer we're doing the festival circuit. I think once we have all the record stuff finished over here, we'll be repeating it all for the UK, with an official release, and then I guess keep releasing it into different territories, it's all moving so fast, but this is what we signed up for.

Tour Dates:
June 25th - Spring & Airbrake [Belfast, N.IRL]
July 2nd - Tower Records Instore [Dublin, IRL]
July 31st - Spraoi Festival [Waterford, IRL]
August 1st - Indie-Pendance Festival [Cork, IRL]
September 15th - Death Disco @ Notting Hill Arts Club [London, UK]
November 10th - Death Disco @ Notting Hill Arts Club [London, UK]

If you could go back to any time in history where would you go and why:
I've been watching a lot of old Rolling Stone's documentaries lately, over a couple of bottle of red wine, so I think I'd like to go back to when they were recording 'Exile On Main Street', and y'know, have been Anita Pallenberg or something! But I think if I could go back to any time in our band, it would definitely be the last Death Disco Tour we done with BP Fallon & Bonehead, Beep convinced me and Danda to sing and play drums with Bonehead [ex- Oasis] the three of us done 'Wonderwall' with Craig Walker from Power Of Dreams, the owner of the venue gave us a free bar, before BP asked us to do the song might I add, so my memory is hazy, all I have is one photograph that somebody took. I wish I could go back and appreciate that moment more.