There is a real buzz developing around Voodoo Hussy, they're about to release a single and are getting ready to hit the road for a UK mini tour. So who are this band that everyone is talking about?

At their core they are four girls and a guy who simply have a burning passion for music - and the talent to make it.

You only have to look at them to see that singer Shabby Eliot-Katchadourian, guitarists Liz Moses and Romina 'Pyro' Aileru, bassist Naj Bueno and drummer Martin Woodward have come together through a shared love of what they can do.

Chatting with Shabby, it's crystal clear that she is a musician at her core and it all comes from the heart. There's no politics, no posing, just easily relatable songs that have meaning for her and the band. Often labelled as art-punk, Shabby talks of drawing on influences from everything she can get her hands on, resulting in a diverse set of songs such as face melting hard rock with the live version of 'Keep It For Yourself' and out and out pop with new song 'From The Get Go'; songs which span the genres but all with the Voodoo Hussy charm.

One of the most important things for Voodoo Hussy is that they put on a no holds barred show that draws in and involves their fans. Shabby's view is this: "When I go to a gig I want to see the band fucking loving every second of it and going crazy, giving me a show ... So I want to give other people what I want to get when I go to gigs". She's known for a bit of crowd surfing on occasion and bouncing around in the midst of the crowd during a set while her bandmates run the stage, her eyes sparkle as she talks about it: "The thing I love about my band mates is the way they look at each other while they're playing"; likening it to just pure mischevious glee.

Shabby's face lights up with sheer joy every time she mentions her bandmates, making music and performing. The overriding theme here is Voodoo Hussy are a band who love what they do so much that they can't quite believe they get to share it with the world.

Their debut single 'Say You Love Me' is due for release early November; described, by Shabby, as a bit different from their normal stuff: "12 bar blues with a bad attitude ... An homage to rock and roll with a big fuck you at the end of it".
The UK mini tour starts November 26, for full dates click here.