It's nearly getting to that time again. The time where you make new year's resolutions to revolutionise your existence. You don't want to be the drab, old last-year you do you? No! You decide to lay out a few hundred quid on gym membership, as well as the latest in branded trainers so they won't laugh at you. You decide to quit smoking and get hooked on nicotine gum instead. You buy yourself those leather trousers and some matching blinkers to prevent you from having to see the astonished glances as you strut down the high street.

Well, you can forget all that.

If you are going to make one resolution for the coming year, it is to track down these fine examples of Guildford-ian gentlemen. Stars of The Search Party.

A sextet (giggle) of energetic showmen, they are a band that reside in a pit of furious riffs and catchy hooks and they are masters of their musical craft. Since their formation in 2008 they have been working tirelessly to spread the sound of their sonorous vision for the future of rock n roll, all across the land. It has seen them treat the world to two deliciously infectious EP's... think... creative metaphorical swine flu. 'See You In Strasbourg' and 'Flashlights' are two of the strongest tracks, riddled with mouth-watering guitar and heavy breakdowns. The melodic qualities flowing throughout bring to mind hey-day Funeral For A Friend; and the swaggering confidence that punches through along with the touches of synth, also throw forward Enter Shikari parallels.

Such creative maturity and impressive technical skill as well as a commanding live presence has meant that Stars of The Search Party have found themselves in supporting slots for the likes of Young Guns and Fact, as well as sharing the stage with a list of names that would make your average scenester go a bit weak at the knees. You sure you want to know? Ok, well get a chair. You Me At Six, We Are The Ocean, Deaf Havana, Kids In Glass Houses, Attack! Attack!, In Case Of Fire, Not Advised, Yashin, Failsafe... sorry I'll stop there. You're looking a bit clammy.

For those already familiar with this lot, you may have already heard the big news already. No, they're not expecting. Stupid. But they do have a new front man to show off to the world. After two years, vocalist Rob Harral has decided it was time for him to move on to other projects. But never fear, the group's lyrical output is now safely in the hands of their star of the search party, Artit James. With Brandon Boyd-style sensibilities dusting his captivating voice, this transition marks a new and very exciting chapter for the band. With his first live shows with Stars scheduled for this December, it is going to be something to look forward to for both fans and the band alike.

If you are a fan of aggressive, riff-heavy, powerful post-punk; a la Underoath and Proceed, give these lot a listen. Even better, catch one of their live shows. With the strength of their hypnotically good sets they'll have you hooked and wriggling around in their keep net without you even realising. That Paul McKenna aint got shit on them. 2011 is going to be one hell of a year for these chaps so make sure you don't miss out on your piece of Stars of The Search Party pie.

You have a chance on the following dates:
19th Dec - o2 Birmingham academy 3
20th Dec - o2 Islington Academy 1

The little rascals are rather nice too and giving loyal fans some cheap tickets at