After changing their name from The Matthew Bennett band, Birmingham based four piece The Musgraves are the sort of ultra-happy, positive-thinking band that if the world was just, would be the soundtrack to our summer. You may have already heard some of their work: BT used the instrumental to their track 'Discover Me' on their marriage advert, which was watched by millions. The band describes it as their gift to Adam and Jayne. Room Thirteen caught up with Matthew (vocals, banjo), Matt (piano and organ), Tom (drums) and Lesley-Marie (violin, everything else) to find out what makes them tick, why they're unashamedly pop and what the next few months holds in store for them.

R13: Do you object to being branded a pop band?
TM: We are a pop band (we call ourselves a roots pop band) but our nod is to original pop bands who played real music with great heart and soul. We play music for the people, if that makes us popular then all good!

R13: All your stuff seems so happy! Is it even possible for you to do a song that deals with unhappiness?
TM: If you listen to the lyrics you'll find that almost all our songs deal with unhappiness and turmoil. So Sofia looks at someone who has missed their chance in life and has to settle for a 'normal' existence. Back To Me tells the story of someone who cannot commit to relationships, always losing what they have, living a life full of regret. Fortune Teller is about being in a love with someone who lets superstition and other people control the relationship. Our whole motto is 'sad lyrics to happy music' - it's pop gold.

R13: There's a couple of bands that have made folk cooler and more mainstream. Are we in the middle of a folk-pop revival?
TM: That might be the case. Folk music and roots music will always be around in the music scene as it's the backbone of music itself. Musicians will always go back to it in one way or another and people will always want to listen to it.

R13: Did being on the BT advert help at all? How did it feel to be asked to contribute 'Discover Me' to it?
TM: It felt great to be involved with something that millions of people watched. Millions of people have heard one of our songs, albeit an instrumental, that's amazing and we're very grateful.

R13: Putting together an acoustic cover of Aloe Blac's 'I Need a Dollar' is certainly different! Whose idea was that? Any other covers on the horizon?
TM: It's a great song and lent itself well to our style. Whenever we hear a great new song we always jam with it in rehearsals to warm up. That's what happened with 'I Need A Dollar', we played it once and it sounded good so we all decided to record it for our Facebook Film Friday's. You can watch it here.

R13: How confident were you when you released your EP, Lost in Familiarity?
TM: It's not so much about confidence as it is about achieving your goals and dreams. We worked hard to get here and this is want we want to do. We are excited and grateful to be in this position.
R13: Have you found yourselves googling for reviews?
TM: We can't control what is written about us so embrace all the support we get, good or bad. Its early days for us so we're always googling our name to see what's going on out there.

R13: Any plans for a full-length album? If so, when's it out?
TM: We are finishing the album right now as well as our debut single. The single is set for a September release with the album following sometime later.

R13: With your summery sound, you should be booked for about 72 different festivals this year!
TM: Exactly! But we haven't had any offers and we don't have an agent on board which makes it difficult. Our management work hard to get us on at summer festivals but it hasn't worked out. Promoters and agents, if you're out there check us out. We'd be the best festival band in town (every town :0)
R13: What can people expect from you if the see you live?
TM: They can expect a lot a passion and soul. We always give it our all, have a good time and enjoy the moment. They can expect to groove and move, and most of all they can expect a complete show!

R13: Your Twitter asked your followers who they would like to see you support...but if you had free reign, who would you want to share the stage with?
TM: It would have to be Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney because they have done so much to forward pop music, both legends.

R13: Who else from the Midlands should people be listening out for?
TM: The Young Runaways from Wolverhampton

R13: What's the goals for you? 12 months on, where do you hope to be musically?
TM: Our main goal now is to make the best possible album we can. To tour, play lots of festivals and connect with people.

If you're in the Midlands, they're playing the Kasbah in Coventry on the 25th of July and the Jamhouse in Birmingham two days later. They're on Twitter (@Themusgraves), Facebook and have their own website. Their EP, Lost in Familiarity is available on major download services now.