Without a doubt, the story of UK post-hardcore giants Architects is something of a fairytale. Having screamed their way onto the scene way back in 2004, they got snatched from the depths of the underground by a deal with Century Media Records' release of 'Hollow Crown' in 2009. But their loyal following would get something of a shock this year when latest record, 'The Here and Now' was released displaying something of a side step from the furious energy of their previous sound. It would be a move that got them noticed in that mysterious land of 'mainstream' with airplay on national commercial platforms accompanied by a whole heap of praise. There's been worldwide tours and there's more on the way... so how does front man Sam Carter feel about all this? I caught up with him to find out.

You've had a great year so far is there anything else you'd like to achieve before this year is out?
Sam: I'd like to finish writing our new record so it's ready for next year. And also to go to a few more places we've haven't been to before. That's always fun, We love touring.
And you had your next tour announced only a couple of days ago?
SC: Yeah, UK tour. I'm really looking forward to that. I think one of my things is that I'd love to sell out The Forum in advance. In fact I'd love for the whole tour to sell out in advance- that would be a dream come true, so we'll see what happens. I've had a sold out show, now I want a sold out tour with one of those plaques that just has 'SOLD OUT!' written all over it.
Why do they do posters like that when all the dates are sold out...?
SC: I think it's just showing off!

'The Here and Now' is still sounding amazing a few months on. When it first came out and you had some people griping and saying 'Oh, but it's not like Hollow Crown!' Do you think they now realise it's developmental rather than a complete change?
SC: I think so yeah, people know that it is a grower. It took a while for even us to fully understand it when we were writing it. I'm just excited for the next one- I don't like to stick to one thing or say 'this is our defining thing'. I'm always looking forward so hopefully our next one is better.

People always like to put in their two penneth when bands do alter their sound, but what would you like to say to those who take such issue to it? Here's your chance!
SC: It's always hard because they are the people who like a band and they are only say it because about they care about the previous record, but at the same time I'm not one of those people who rabble on about shit. I was brought up with 'if you aint got something nice don't say nothing at all'. That's a life lesson there when you grow up. People like it, I like it, so I couldn't give a fuck!

You had a bit of an ode to your homeland Brighton in the shape of 'BTN'. What was the scene like growing up around there?
SC: I'm not actually from Brighton, I'm from a bit further along- but I always went to shows in Brighton, from a young age. There's a venue called the Concorde 2 and I swear, it didn't matter what band was playing there on a Saturday, I'd be there. Brighton has always been amazing and it's really good for kids. It's really nice to see it still has great shows coming through and bands still care about it so that's why it got a little nod.

How have your live shows changed since the development in your sound? It feels like the heat has been knocked down a little in the last record so does that have a reflection on stage?
SC: Well, with our last tour and our Euro tour we were a bit tired and I think we probably let ourselves down a bit- we were a bit lazy. But then the last four or five shows we've done there's been a shitload more energy and hopefully it'll just keep getting better. Hopefully one day we'll have enough money to get some crazy production or something!

How was the tour with Bring Me The Horizon?
SC: Well the shows were fucking massive. It was pretty daunting, but we love Horizon, Parkway Drive and Devil Wears Prada and we did so much stuff with them last year we're still going on stage with them. It's just going on tour with your mates that's the best thing.

It's rare for alternative acts to get such good airplay on a commercial platform like Radio 1, so how has that felt? Strange experience?
SC: Yeah, it's definitely been really weird but at the same time we try and do something original with our music so to see it appreciated is really sweet. To have people like Fearne Cotton play the record is insane- and Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens, Daniel P Carter... everyone's amazing at Radio 1. It's always weird when your mates ring you up from work and say 'I just heard your fucking band on the radio!' at like ten in the morning. Then you're like 'Yeah, that's cool mate, but I'm in bed...'

I've heard that outside the band you're all keen computer gamers and you like your football.
SC: I love football.
Imagine if every little boy's dream came true and Fifa 2012 approached you and wanted to put an Architects track on next year's game. Which would you pick?
SC: I would cry. It would be so good wouldn't it! That would be so cool... now you've got me thinking. Maybe 'Learn To Live'... I wouldn't want to put a real softy on there. Or maybe I would? No, I think 'Day In Day Out'.

Catch Architects on their UK tour this December https://www.facebook.com/architectsuk