Rose Funeral, have without doubt bought some much needed brutality to the hardcore metal scene and with their explosive release of The Resting Sonata; they seem to be doing everything that a band passionate about music, should be doing and they're doing it right.

I caught up with band member Ryan to discuss the thought process behind their music, future plans and a certain card game titled Uno.

R13:So, history of the band; how did you form and did you ever imagine you'd end up coming as far as you have?
R:We actually formed when I (Ryan) was in a local band here in Cincinnati Ohio, hit up another local band that was friends of mine, and asked them if they wanted to start a more death metal project. And hell no! haha I definitely didnt think about being as far as we are now!

R13:Every band name has a meaning, so what's the story behind yours?
R:Actually there isnt really a meaning behind "Rose Funeral". It doesnt even make any sense. I just thought up something. I didnt want it to be a pure death metal name. I wanted it to be more poetic i guess you could say.

R13:When you were first picked up by record label Siege of Amida how did it feel to think that your music was being realised by the big time?
R:It was a big shock actually. We all were super excited to start seeing our band name in magazines and do interviews from all over the world. Then once we seen our album in stores we were like "Holy shit! Thats awesome!" haha so it definitely was a cool thing for us!

R13:And then Metal Blade Records; that's a big achievement, how did you guys feel about that?
R:Once Mblade hit us up, it was such a great feeling. I guess you could say i had the feeling of being able to start a career with what i love doing. We were a little nervous at first about it, but being around with Mblade for a while now we consider them great friends and family.

R13:How did it feel to have gained the opening slot in the 'Those Whom Gods Detest Tour'?
R:That was awesome! Being able to tour with a band that we all loved was such a great feeling! Touring the U.S. with Nile was such a cool experience. Hanging out with them was even cooler. They are super nice dudes that just love doing what they love!

R13:Having extensively toured the US, what country would you love to tour next?
R: We really need to get our asses over to Europe, but i definitely want to do a Japan run. I want to see the sites of that place. I think it would be an amazing tour!

R13:So far, what has been your most memorable show?
R: The Plano, TX Metal Fest was insane! It was a packed out convention center and kids were destroying each other and constantly head walking. It was an overwhelming feeling seeing 3 different pits going on to our music! Such a sweet show!

R13:What are your thoughts on Sonisphere Festival and is it one that's on your to-do list?
R:Yeah that definitely would be huge for us. I dont know how well we would fit on it though haha. I see very few death metal bands on the line up. It seems more modern rock, pop punk, old school metal. We havent stepped over seas yet so i really couldnt judge! We just want to play a Euro fest in general i think it would be awesome for us!

R13:When- The Resting Sonata was released in January, were you happy with the praise it received?
R:I think The Resting Sonata did ok. We really didnt have a big time frame to work on that album. Some songs made an impact that we hear kids yelling out for us to play every show such as God Demise and Left to Rot. We are just now looking forward to the future for RF and what Gates of Punishment will bring us!

R13:Gates of Punishment is soon to be released in a couple of day's time; do you feel it's a stronger album than the last?
R:Oh for sure! This album is a huge step up for us. It is way more fast paced, crushing, heavier, and more melodic than the last. You definitely can hear the musicianship jump on this album. We still keep the RF touch but we have added a lot more to it!

R13:Tell me a bit about the album; what inspired it musically and lyrically?
R: I think musically with this album we were more inspired by old school death metal. We enjoy the old school feel and the beat down riffs. For instance Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse. We really dig their groove parts so we wanted to do some of our own style in there. Lyrically, it was just a thought process of writing some serious offensive shit haha. I do have my more poetic parts, but i still love the good old in your face, gory, and absurd lyrical style.

R13:Is it a pretty straight forward thought process you have for writing your music?
R:Usually what i will do is lay some parts down in my studio. Work on some here and there, take a break, and get back to it. It seems to flow much more better that way. I will hum something to myself all day and then piece together what i think would work best. It is a little bit easier having home studio equipment at my advantage so i can track what is on my mind. When the guys come up and practice they can lay down some jams they have been playing as well.

R13:How have you, as a band; progressed since your first ever release back in 2007?
R:I definitely think we have progressed. We plan on taking it to the next level every release. I think the average RF fan/listener can definitely hear the progression in us as well. We never put our instruments down and music is our life. We cant wait to show you what is in store for the future!

R13:If you don't mind me asking, what exactly happened with the Uno Incident?
R:Haha the good old Uno incident. Well long story short... We went out with Vader. Some dudes didnt like our style. They decided to be immature and send me hate mail and threatening my life blah blah. We went back out with Nile. The same dudes were there playing uno up front. I didnt care at all about that. We finished our set and i walked up to them saying "you were the ones that sent the death threats yeah?" They pussied out and blamed it back and forth on each other so i just blasted them. If someone threatens you and your life, hey why not walk the walk! They were so butt hurt that they got beat up the started a world wide web assault saying I beat them up because they were playing uno blah blah. Which we aren't even offended by it. It just shows that there are jack asses in the music scene that have to ruin it for everyone by doing stupid shit towards fans, bands, venues, and shows.

R13:Who do you admire most in the music industry?
R:Thats a tough one i think a lot of metal bands deserve way more credit than a lot of crap that is out there! An artist that actually studies and practices his instrument plays a bad ass show and gets less credit than a crappy electronic band that auto tunes them self taking a dump and makes millions. I admire all the underground guys that stick at what they do!

R13:What is your long term goal as a band?
R:We just want to tour the world, shred, make memories, make new fans and friends. We love what we do and want to make a life out of it!

R13:Lastly, to people who haven't heard your music before, how would you describe it in five words?
R:Brutal, Heavy, Offensive Death Metal!

Thank you guys for the opportunity!!! Take care