Variety. Life's spice can be found in abundance fortnightly at The Star of Kings in North London as that veritable bunch of musical gluttons at Camden Crawl HQ put on a cracking little show for your entertainment. Best thing? It's totally free.

Every other Wednesday you can pop along to Variety and expect a splendid mix of pastime and pleasure, with a Rough Trade pub quiz and a couple of comedians featuring on a bill that's topped off with sets from some of the most exciting bands knocking about right now. We got ourselves along to the launch show and by the end we were checking our diaries to make sure that we weren't busy on 9th November.

Following comedians Tiernan Douieb & Phil Nichol, Two Wounded Birds took to the stage and they were everything you could want from a current hipster band. Interaction was minimal and distanced with expressions of disinterest and stylish boredom. An impression of 'cool' was adhered to until the final note was played when the beautifully moody bassist allowed herself to crack a warm grin to a friend. The set was doused in bluesy riffs and the fuzz of lo fi as vocalist Johnny Danger (yes, that's right) commanded the stage from behind his mic and jet black barnet reminiscent of the style sported by Milla Jovovich in her portrayal of Joan of Arc. The influence of rock n' roll's vintage years become increasingly apparent during a Two Wounded Birds live set. During one track that sounded like it could turn into 'Blue Moon' at any moment, you could almost close your eyes and envisage yourself at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance. Delicious retro.

The projection of rock n' roll was stepped up a hundredfold as Young Legionnaire thrashed out with a deeply impressive closing set. The three piece noise rock band absolutely dazzled from the very first opening crunch of guitar which felt like getting trapped outside in a sandstorm. Featuring a fine selection songs from the fantastically filthy 'Crisis Works', it was hard to not hear echoes of an endless list of incredible artists in their sound. Melodically and vocally, the likes of Les Savy Sav became an obvious comparison until the unmistakeably sexy feel of a bass kicked in that we've only ever seen DFA 1979 conquer before now. Then there was also the headspinning sense of chaos that was whipped up much in the Dananananakroyd or PABH fashion- which was then on occasion tamed and tempered into grandly atmospheric soundscapes la The Joy Formidable. It was as exhausting an experience to live as it is to recount. A confident uppercut of dirty rock, insanely good drum beats and knee-trembling noise, you must see this band play live.

Variety returns to The Star of Kings on Wednesday 9th November with music from Echo Lake and Icona Pop.