As we move into the new year we pick out and share some of the bands that have been catching our attention lately. All are worthy of your time and we're sure you'll be hearing more from them in the months to come:


Frontiers are a post punk outfit from Nottingham. Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell is a fan and you can hear just why he's not the only one championing this lot on their new EP to be released early this year. With their Arctic Monkeys-ish vibe and moments of sweeping anthemic beauty they are on to a winning combination; Frontiers feel like a rock band ready to break out of their local scene into huge things, keep an eye on this lot. Go to their website for more and a free mp3 download!


Brixton alt-popsters Silvers combine sweet melody and solid beats with complex and occasionally quirky moments for an interesting and addictive take on pop with teeth.
Their current release, a five track record entitled "The Parades EP" was released in November and was self recorded and produced, it's a great showcase for their sound which is full of jangly guitars and electro bleeps with strong and distinctive vocals. Check out more at the band's official website.

Our lost infantry

Aldershot quartet, Our Lost Infantry, cite Reuben and Hundred Reasons as influences and you can hear that edge in their sound. Thom, Tom, Matt and Parkin make alt-rock with splashes of many other things mixed through the core; a bit of post-hardcore grit perhaps or a touch of pop, but wherever they've taken inspiration from they've combined it into something pretty tasty, wrapped up with emotive and passionate vocals and soaring with anthemic choruses. They've received a ton of positive plugging recently from the likes of Steve Lamacq which is all deserved, and their debut EP is to be released on limited edition vinyl and digital download on Monday 16th January 2012. Find out more at their website

Cameo Colours

Edinburgh based four piece Cameo Colours (brothers Scott (Vocals & Guitar) and Jack Bruce (Drums), Danen (bass) and Daniel (Guitars)) are an alt-rock-pop outfit with a strong DIY ethic. They've not been together for long but are no strangers to playing music, with experience picked up over the years in other bands.
Their self recorded, self-titled lo-fi debut record came out in November as a free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud and draws from their influences which include Incubus, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr, Reuben, Frank Turner and Biffy Clyro amongst others but has a sound all their own; sweet melodies, catchy tunes and a passionate delivery make their music addictive and memorable. Check them out at facebook.

Kleine Schweine

With comparisons made to Dead Kennedys, 80's Matchbox, McLusky and Black Flag, Leeds alt-punkers Kleine Schweine have a lot to live up to but the band (which features members of International Trust) show us on their excellent new single "Breakfast In Albania" / "Ceaușescu Let The Dogs Out" (available for free download) that they have the talent to pull this off, with grimy, scratchy guitars and distorted vocals they pump out fast paced and nasty punk-rock rammed with energy and drive. Check them out at Bandcamp

Perhaps Contraption

Perhaps Contraption describe themselves as a twisted brass, art pop marching band. The eight piece certainly are an interesting prospect, producing quirky, theatrical pieces that remind us of the Dresden Dolls (but of course, in a less minimal way). The band is sticking to their DIY independence and are been establishing their name as a hard working band on their own terms. Their new single 'Cousin / Grandma' is to be released on 11th February as a download with a limited edition of 100 unique hand drawn posters. You can find out more at their website