The Surrey rock and roll four piece find time in their schedule for a chat with RoomThirteen. We talk to guitarist Roger Atkins and drummer Matt Ainsworth about what music means to them, their idols and where they see themselves in the near future.

R13:So, how long has the band been around for and how did it come about?
RA:Erm we've been together for about 4 or 5 years now in different forms; started out at college with the line-up as it is, jamming in our local pub until we decided that we needed a singer! Then after a few line-up changes we decided to keep with what we know and sing for ourselves.

R13:I have to ask; how did the name come about?
MA:I was in Devon a couple of years back and thought I saw a place on the coast called Trevor's Head. I texted the guys in the band after a few drinks and we all figured it'd be a decent name for us!

R13:So, are you working on any EPs or had any released?
RA:Well we've recorded at Foel studios recently, putting an EP together which will be out very soon. The producer there Chris Fielding, he's a magician! And the place is just down the road from bron-yr-aur where Led Zeppelin used to record, so it's oozing rock vibes!

R13:Any full-length plans?
MA As far as full-length plans go, we just wanna play music as long as we can-we all live for it!

R13:How many tracks are on your EP?
RA:At the moment, we have a 6-track EP available but were going back to Foel Studios in July to put 3 more tracks down. If it was down to us we'd live there!

R13:Why would you like to live there?
RA: We just love producing our music and living it day-to-day; a perfect life would involve going on tour, coming back to record, mixing the songs and repeat, but then isn't that what every band wants?

R13:So you aren't keen on commercialised "Talent Shows" such as the X-Factor then?
RA: NO! No were not!

R13: So is the song writing process something you all take part in?
RA: Oh definitely. I think in a way, that's what makes us different to other bands; each one of us has completely different influences. It's a real melting pot-heavy rock, delta blues, metal, reggae, punk...
MA: It's good having each other's musical tastes and ideas to work off of, keeps it fresh.

R13:Who inspires you most as a band in the music industry?
RA: We really respect bands like Queens of the Stone Age because they've always stuck to their guns and played what they thought was good music, rather than pandering to the masses. That's the true way rock should be played.
Ma:Yeah, Chris is amazing at what he does.
R13:What inspires your music lyrically?
RA:Ah lyrics are hard! We just try to be honest and not be something we're not.
R13:What do you like to write about?
RA: Girls and beer...what else is there?
MA: Drugs...but, yeah, there's other stuff too; police brutality, our experiences as a band...
R13:Heartbreak and Depression...?
RA:Yup, it all goes hand in hand!

R13:So if I was to ask you where you'd see yourself in 6 years time, you'd say...
RA:Hopefully not here! We're gonna take Trevor on tour and fingers crossed he'll make some people have a good time.

RT: What has been the best show you've played?
RA:Our best gig would have to be a University Festival that we did in Lancaster last year. It was awesome...we took one of those shitty coaches the long way round England, played our biggest stage to date, chilled with the students and then came home. They were awesome!

R13:What would be your top five venues to play at?
RA Top five venues would be any five festival stages (and were half way there already, as we're playing Redfest this year!)
MA Yeah I think festivals are the way forward for us!

R13Oh really, how are you feeling about that?
RAYeah we can't wait; it's like a dream come true! God, I sound like I'm on X-Factor ha but it is...we've always wanted to do a festival and what better place to start than our hometown?

R13: So where is home?
RA: Redhill. I think there's a famous connection with Katie Melua there somewhere, but we never looked in to that. Ha.

R13:So how would you fancy a playing slot at one of the big
festivals...Glastonbury, Reading/Leeds, Download or Sonisphere?

RA:We'd love to play the big festivals, there's an atmosphere at metal festivals you don't get anywhere else in the world. A real community where you can forget about everything else you got going on in life for a couple days. Love it!
MA:Yeah, I'd love to play any of the big festivals; it'd be great to play one of the European Rock/Metal festivals though. Hellfest in France is incredible!

R13:Have either of you two been to Hellfest before?
MAYes, I went last year. Mind-blowing!

R13How did you react to this year's Sonisphere Festival cancellation news?
RA:I wasn't bothered about the news to be honest; last couple of years Sonisphere has had the better line-up but this year is definitely Download Festivals turn.
MA: I wasn't too bothered when I found out about Sonisphere getting cancelled, the line-up was abysmal!

R13:Which musicians would you love to collaborate with, if given the chance?
MA: I'd love to do a split EP with the Melvins, just for the sheer intensity of the music that would be made; Buzzo's a genius!
RA: I reckon Dave Grohl would be a master.
MA:Yeah, Dave Grohl because he's just a really nice, genuine guy. He'd kinda put me out of job though. More locally, it'd be wicked to collaborate with Splinter Group from Sutton.

R13:What Record Label do you wish to be signed to the most?
MA: I'd love to be on Rise Above Records or Ipecac...those labels just give their artists complete and utter freedom to do what they want.

R13:What's hot on your iPods right now?
RA:Well to be honest, there's not much revelational stuff at the minute as far as we're concerned. Most of the bands we love are a good ten years old or more! Music seems to be becoming more about image, rather than substance and that's a dangerous mix. I really think things are getting a bit stale.
MA: Yes, they are, but...I have a feeling there's going to be a new generation of good bands with new ideas emerging in the not too distant future. Things are gonna change...

R13: Maybe it's about time Trevor's Head shook things up a bit?
RA: Well that's the plan!

R13: So, you don't feel as a band, that you have to keep up with a certain image to be successful?
RA:We can't be the only ones who want some solid guitar riffs and a groovy bass?! We (general public) shouldn't have to think about what we look like or the way we act when we see a band play. It should be about truly letting yourself go, with people who just couldn't care less what you look like.
MA: It's always good to play to people who love music and are open-minded. They're always the ones who go craziest!

R13:What's the one band or musician you'll always have the most respect for?
MA:We couldn't really choose one artist. I'd have to say anyone who has really made me feel something through their music.
RA:Any honest musician. The audience aren't stupid, if you're pretending to be something you're not they will catch you out. That's why we love people like Dylan, Cobain, Marley, Armstrong (Rancid) the list goes on...

R13:Have you any shows lined up in the next upcoming months?
RA:Yea, we're doing as many as possible around London, Crawley and Brighton.
We have one coming up at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston on 17 May with our pals Splinter Group. We have a couple in Crawley over the next month or two and of course...our Sunday slot at Redfest!

R13:You're playing the Happy Monday's after show party on the 11 May, how did that come about and are you excited?
RA:Yes, the after show gig, can't wait! We were just chatting to a couple of promoters who liked our stuff and this slot came up so we jumped on it! It's five or so bands, then Bez and another DJ in 2 rooms until 4am. Safe to say it's going to be a messy one!
MA:Really looking forward to the Happy Monday's party, even though we're very different bands. I think it's gonna be one of the biggest gigs we've played in a while!

R13:For someone who hasn't heard your music, how would you describe your sound in three words?
RA:Raw Honest Rock
MA:Yeah, I can go with that.

R13:Lastly, what is your ultimate goal as a band?
RA:To be able to live off playing our music and ultimately making a difference to someone's life.