Betraying The Martyrs formed four years ago, but since then they've gone from strength to strength; having just released their debut album, Breathe in Life and receiving much positive acclaim from fans and press as well as touring half the globe in support of it, they look set to take the Music Industry by storm.
Currently on tour, vocalist Aaron Matts and bassist Valentin Hauser took five to chat to me about how the tour has been so far, any cringe worthy moments and what 2012 has in store for these guys after life on the road.

R13:So, you're on the line up for this summer's All Stars Tour in America how did you feel when this was announced to you?
AM/VH:We felt great. The line up is amazing, it's a huge tour; we're so happy and proud to be on it along with such amazing bands.

R13:At the end of April beginning/start of May, you are set to tour Europe with Veil of Maya, Structures and other artists, how are you guys feeling?
AM/VH:We already toured with Veil of Maya and Structures they are really cool guys, we became friends on the Discovery Tour in the US. Europe is our territory so we're so happy to tour with them at "home" after touring with them in their country. It's also the first time we're not the first opening band, we're high on the bill, and it's really nice.

R13:You're currently on the Sumerianos tour with I, The Breather and Upon a Burning Body in America how's the tour been going?
AM/VH:It's so chill, those guys are so cool and so nice. They are very welcoming, we love their music and their attitude on stage is great, it forces you to give your best every night. We just played in Upon a Burning Body's hometown, it was one of the best shows we've played, the crowd was amazing.

R13:What's been the best show so far?
AM/VH:San Antonio, Texas, the city of Upon a Burning Body. It was their release party, sold out show. We met fans that drove 10 hours to see us, people who saw us on our first tour in US. It was crazy, really crazy. We got crazy footage from every band on the bill we have to make a video out of this.

R13:How do the fans in Paris compare to those in America?
AM/VH:American fans are really dedicated, if you do a good show, and chill with them after, they'll be a fan instantly. In Paris it takes time, Paris is more elitist. Here if you play good, people will like you no matter what.

R13:What does the rest of 2012 have lined up for you after The All Stars Tour?
AM/VH:We're gonna have a tour in France then we will be working and recording our next album :)

R13:You signed to Sumerian records in 2011 was this the record label you had your hearts set on?
AM/VH:When we made the album Breathe In Life we sent it to every label we knew; but for Sumerian we did a special mail, we really wanted to be there, it's one of the most hard working labels ever, they only have great bands on their roaster. We were so proud when they signed us, being on Sumerian is a dream come true.

R13:You did a worldwide tour in support of your debut Breathe in Life were there any countries you didn't go to that you'd like to tour?
AM/VH:We toured US, Europe and Russia. I'd really like to go to South America, or even Asia.

R13:What has been the weirdest touring experience?
AM/VH:We ran out of gas in in the middle of nowhereville Texas. We were searching for a gas station for 130 miles but they were all closed and eventually we had to stop the car on the side of the road. There were dead animals on the side of the road, we started walking and hitch-hiking. It was dusk. A guy stopped, he said he'll drive us to the nearest gas station, we went in his car, then 5 minutes after we asked, if the station was far away he answered "what gas station?". Really awkward! he took us to his sister's house to pick up a small bottle of gas and drove us back to the van, what a great guy, its thanks to good people like him that we meet on the road, that we're able to do this.

R13:Breathe in Life was released in September 2011; did it gain the response you were hoping for?
AM/VH:It was way better than what we expected; we got really good reviews and good responses from our fans. They really loved it. We received tons of personal emails about the music, the lyrics, how our music moved them. It was really impressive. When you play extreme metal music you're not prepared for mails like this, where fans tell you about the suicide of their mother and how our music helped them.

R13:How has your music and you as a band, matured since the release of your EP in 2009?
AM/VH:We learned how to mix all our influences, how to blend all the musical backgrounds we have. It's getting more and more natural. We also extended the range of our influences, getting more brutal and more ambient.

R13:You're labelled as a 'Christian Deathcore/Metalcore' band; do other bands see you differently because of this label?
AM/VH:Europe labels us this way, in US we're labelled as a progressive death technical band. We never had any band judging us on this.

R13:Do you feel you have to keep up with an image in order for the band to succeed?
AM/VH:We worked on our image, that's how you have to do it, to step out from the crowd.

R13:It has been said, that you give positive messages in your songs; are any of these positive messages based on your life experiences?
AM/VH:All songs on Breathe in Life are based on our life experiences. I guess that's why so many people were moved by our lyrics, it's because they are true human stories.

R13:Who are your main influences and where do you take inspiration from?
AM/VH:We have a lot of influence, from Born of Osiris, to DImmu Borgir, Emperor or Cannibal Corpse.

R13:Which of these is more important to you; a song that has significance for you as a band or one that has a positive message for others?
AM/VH:As our songs are based on personal stories it's important for us to have both. When you play it on stage you play a part of yourself but the audience receives it as a positive message. Each song has a meaning for us.

R13:For those who have never seen a Betraying the Martyrs show, what could they expect to see?
AM/VH:6 best friends trying to shake their limbs off having the best time of their lives together!

R13:What songs have been hot on your iPods this week that you feel we should be checking out?
AM/VH:The new Anathema album Weather Systems