R13: Hey guys, How's it going?
YTHA: It's going fine.

R13: What have you been up to recently?
YTHA: Well the other night my boss and I smoked a blunt to ourselves. We got so high that the crack head I was giving a ride home to was jealous. I drive a taxi when I'm not rocking, but you want to hear about the band and not my exciting cab stories!

R13: I hear you have a new album out, how's that going?
YTHA: Itís awesome! Itís called "E.P." and the cover is a big spoof on E.T.! Itís actually kicking more ass in Japan and Australia right now than Canada, but we've just got European distribution so we'll have to see how it does in your end of the world.

R13: What sort of antics do you get up to on tour?
YTHA: Well as for tour, I can't give out too many juicy details because what goes on the road stays on the road. I can say that we like to excessively indulge in the booze and drugs and I wouldn't put it past us to kidnap fans and drop them off in the next city! Hahaha...

R13: What's your favourite song to play live?
YTHA: Itsy-bitsy spider

R13: Do you think you will be coming to England any time soon?
YTHA: We'll come to England once we can get enough barbiturates guaranteed to us! Or we can just bring our own, might be tricky getting on the plane though! Either way we plan to rock your knickers off!

R13: Who are your favourite bands and biggest influences?
YTHA: I can only speak for myself, but Primus got me on the bass, NOFX introduced me to punk and Belvedere won't be leaving my stereo anytime soon.

R13: If you could make up your ideal band out of other band members who would be in your band?
YTHA: Rick Allen from Def Leppard on drums, Jeff Healy on guitar, Ozzy would definitely sing and Chris Novaselick from Nirvana on bass cause he really needs another chance. I'd manage them though cause thereís no way I could deal with the mess that would create first hand.

R13: Where is your favourite place to play a gig?
YTHA: Zatchoo Earl's.

R13: What's you favourite song of all time?
YTHA: Itsy-bitsy spider

R13: And finally what would you be doing if you were not in a band?
YTHA: A crack-dealin' pimp!

R13: Thanks for your time!
YTHA: Thanks Gemma, Anytime!