Hailing from Texas, Nightmares Never Sleep are a new edition to the ever growing Post-Hardcore genre, having just released their EP Secrets and Anchors and another well on the way, we grabbed both vocalists Zac Johnson and Austin Hull for a quick discussion to find out how, at such a young age they've come as far as they have, that all important Freedom Isn't Free tour and what the end of the world would mean to these guys.

R13:So tell me how the band formed?
ZJ/AH:Zac and Alex became friends in high school and Alex knew Charlie and Michael so they formed a band with another guy George who is now in Why We Fight, then last October I tried out for a clean singing spot in the band and they added me to it. Then Charlie got Blake to come and play synth for us in January.

R13:What year was this and how was the band name decided?
ZJ/AH:We formed in 2011 and Zac came up with the band name, there was no real reason. I guess the band just went with it from there.

R13:So you're playing local shows at the moment?
ZJ/AH:Yes and we currently have a Summer date with the Freedom Isn't Free tour

R13:Really, which date? I saw that Crown The Empire were on the bill; how does it feel playing with big names like that?
ZJ/AH:June 9 in Orlando. Yes, it's with Our Last Night, Crown The Empire, Set It Off, Palisades, Lions Lions and Alive In Standby. It feels amazing to be playing with signed touring bands, and having the opportunity to expand our fan base.

R13: Ok, so you're influenced by bands like that then?
ZJ/AH: Were influenced by bands such as Sleeping With Sirens, We Came As Romans, The Color Morale, The Devil Wears Prada and I See Stars.

R13:So, you're big fans of Rise Records then?
ZJ/AH:Yes, we love almost every band on Rise Records, and have major respect for everything they've done with the post-hardcore music scene.

R13:So if given the choice, this would be the label you'd have your hearts set on signing?
ZJ/AH:This label, along with Fearless, Sumerian, Epitaph or pretty much any label that will help the band be able to share our music with everyone.
R13:Are there any other festivals that you'd like to see yourselves playing at in the near future?
ZJ/AH:Any festival that goes on in Texas, Warped Tour, All Stars Tour, Bamboozle and Mayhem Festival.

R13:So Warped Tour is coming to the UK, do you feel it'll be as successful as Warped over in the US?
ZJ/AH: I think it will be successful and will expand the scene in other countries, I am stoked other countries get to see the amazing bands us Americans get to see.

R13:So as musicians, what motivates you?
ZJ/AH:Seeing other bands do what they love doing. We have a passion for music and wouldn't want to do anything else. Anything going on in our lives can influence a song or video; we pour our heart and soul out in to our music.

R13:So, any EP plans of as yet?
ZJ/AH:We actually have an EP out right now titled Secrets & Anchors It's available on iTunes, Amazon and several other online stores. The band is working on getting an online website to sell merchandise and physical copies soon! We plan on recording another song at the end of a year as a single.

R13:Where do you take inspiration from for lyrics?
ZJ/AH:Any personal experiences, we try to provide an emotional appeal with the listener by drawing from our experiences. Zac and I spent a lot of time writing the lyrics to reflect on important milestones and events in our lives.

R13:So who do you have the most admiration for in the Music Industry?
ZJ/AH:Anyone who sets a goal and does whatever they can to accomplish it. We all admire the people that look past limits and do what anyone says they couldn't.

R13:Is there anyone in particular that you'd like to collaborate with?
ZJ/AH:We would absolutely love to feature Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire; he's the definition of the perfect vocalist or Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens on our next song or album. They are both inspirations to Zac and I. Both Matty and Kellin have extraordinary vocals and we would feel blessed and honoured to share a track with them.

R13:So in seven years time, you'd like to be?
ZJ/AH:Touring, making records, meeting people, and making a difference in people's lives through music.

R13:If you could switch around for the night, who would play what?
ZJ/AH:I would play drums, Alex would scream, Michael would play synth, Charlie would play bass, and Zac would play guitar, Blake would sing and our new bassist would play the other guitar.

R13:What do you feel makes a successful band?
ZJ/AH:A successful band is a band that is surviving, doing what they love, giving the fans what they want and trying their best to be everything they can be.

R13:What is your all time favourite lyric?
ZJ/AH:The angel on my shoulder tells me he's proud of me, that it takes a real man to live for everyone else before himself- A War Inside by We Came As Romans. It shows a message that I rarely see in today's society. It shows a message of neglecting selfishness to do the right thing, and by doing the right thing, you will be rewarded.

R13:You said music is your passion, are there any genres that you can't stand listening to?
ZJ/AH:I really respect all music as long as it's heartfelt, sincere and honest. I know as a fellow musician how hard artists work and the sacrifices they make.

R13:Lastly, if the world was to end in the next 24 hours or so, what would be the last thing you'd do?
ZJ/AH:If I had 24 hours to live I would probably tell all my friends and family I loved them and I would hold the people closest to me and think back to all the good times I'd had with them; I would make sure everyone knew how much they meant to me before we all disappeared. Then I'd go skydiving with an insane costume on.

R13:Ok, what would be the last thing you'd do as a band?
ZJ/AH:We would thank every single one of our fans for sticking with us and we would try to put together a quick last show, we'd tell our darkest band secrets.