Thomas Erak (from Fall Of Troy) and Jake Carden formed Just Like Vinyl a couple of years back and after some well received demos released their debut album back in October 2010. Nearly two years on and they are ready to release 'new album Black Mass.

We caught up with Jake to find out about the new album and being signed to Superball.

R13:You produced the album Black Mass yourselves so as to make things organic. How did this impact on the recording process and are you happy with the results?
JK:It made the recording process go rather smoothly. We were able to make adjustments to parts and arrangements on the spot without outside interference. Inversely, it allowed us to record the songs naturally and in our own vision. We are very pleased with the results.

R13:The album flows very well. Did this come naturally, did you write certain songs so that they would sound good beside others, or did you work hard when considering the sequencing?
JK:We didn't write the album with any sequence in mind. After mixing was finished, we all presented track listings to one another and worked together from there. We did notice right away, however, that Safety Word flowed really well into Bitches Get Stitches, so this was common in everyone's sequences.

R13:Do you read your own press and if so how much does that affect you (both positive and negative)?
JK:I don't think any of us read too much of the press. I read some here and there, as I still maintain our social media personally, and links and quotes will pass through those forums. I don't think that any of it affects us personally. We are a brotherhood who share a common desire and goal in creating art. Nothing can change that about us.

R13:Thrash metal band This Is Hell released an album of the same name in 2011, were you aware of this and does it matter?
JK:We were not aware of it at the time, but it has been pointed out to us since announcing the album title. No, it does not matter.

R13:The album is named after a Witches Sabbath ceremony, which you cite as being like a mock catholic mass. Are you at all religious/anti-religious?
JK:To my knowledge, none of us are strictly religious.

R13:If you were to conduct a Black Mass how would you go about the profanation of the host?
JK:I would lace it with THC and feed it to everyone (assuming that you are referencing the Holy Eucharist).

R13:Black Mass was also a DC comic book character with gravity powers gained from these wristbands. Do you read comics? What would be your ideal super-power?
JK:I do not read comics, although I have no aversion to them. Ideal super-power: Either immortality or telekinesis.

R13:You're signed to Superball Music, what made you decide to go with them?
JK:We really liked that they were willing to take their time with us in beginning a professional relationship. There were several meetings and discussions. Many of the staff came to various live shows to see us progress and continue discussions. They were genuinely interested in our music and they showed it, which we appreciated very much. Additionally, we just liked the people we met. It's nice to have a barbecue and a beer with the owner of your label.

R13:My favourite Superball Music release has to be Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up by Oceansize. What is yours?
JK:I couldn't say. We do like Oceansize a lot. ...Trail Of the Dead are a cool band as well.

R13:Two songs Bitches Get Stitches and First Born have been previewing on your website. Would you say these are representative of the album?
JK:The First Born that has been up on our site is actually the demo. The song was re-recorded for the album. I wouldn't say that any one song is "representative" of the album as a whole, as all of the songs have an individual identity. But I do think the album has a good continuity while maintaining the aforementioned individuality of each song.

R13:The new album features a guest spot from Sam Mctrusty of Twin Atlantic, how did that come about? Was the song Walk You Home a collaboration, or did you already have his part written?
What is your favourite Twin Atlantic song?

JK:Twin Atlantic was part of the last Fall Of Troy tour, and discussions about collaborating began there. We knew we wanted Sam to sing on a song for this record, but we didn't have anything specific in mind. When we wrote Walk You Home we all knew right away that it was the one. We wrote the song and all of the vocals, but we gave him freedom to change any lyrics and improvise with the melodies. In the end, he heard what we heard and really didn't change much. His texture in the song is absolutely amazing, and makes the song in my opinion.

R13:An angel from the Rock Gods came to gift you with your band name. Who are these Rock Gods and what might an angel in disguise look like?
JK:You can't know until you see for yourself. Sorry.

R13:It's no secret you guys like a drink. The band name was discovered outside of a bar, and the album features the song Hours And Whisky Sours, but what is your preferred personal poison?
JK:I like good beer and whiskey, particularly good bourbon. I'm also fond of a good wine. Red blends are my favorite.

R13:There is a song on the album called ATM which in Britain can have three meanings either a cashpoint, 'at the moment' or Arse-to-Mouth (not that we would know anything about that of course). What does it mean within the context of this song?
JK:Feel free to speculate.

R13:What are your touring and promotion plans for Black Mass, when can we expect to see you in the UK?
JK:We do plan to tour, but I have nothing to announce at this time.