Having formed six years ago, Memphis May Fire have gone from strength to strength and in doing so increased an ever expanding fan base, with their third studio album "Challenger" being released this summer, they're currently on tour in support of it; vocalist Matty Mullins takes time out for a quick chat to tell us how it's been going so far.

R13:You're currently on tour in Europe; what do you have to say about it so far?
MM:We love Europe so much. This is our 2nd time here and playing sold out shows every night. We can't wait to see how the rest of the tour goes!

R13:You then go on to play in the US, what's the best thing about touring in America and do you have a favourite state?
MM:The bes part is getting to see friends and family all over the country at random.

R13:Before going on stage, do you have any special rituals you do as a group or individually to get you prepped?
MM:We all get in a circle and yell "HOOF LIFE". None of us know why.

R13:You signed to Rise Records last year, how has the experience with them been so far and does it differ a lot from your last two record labels?
MM:Rise is completely different than our previous label in every aspect. It's been awesome so far! We really love our team there.

R13:You've played at Vans Warped Tour this year, what was the highlight for you guys?
MM:The highlight of Warped is getting to tour with so many of our friends at the same time. It really is a party every single day and there's no better way to spend a summer!

R13:Do you feel it'll be as successful here in the UK as it is in the US?
MM:I'm really not sure what they're expecting. Since it's the first time there, I am really eager to see how it turns out!

R13:You performed with Sleeping With Sirens; it seems you have very strong friendship with both Kellin Quinn and Danny Worsnop, for whom you have featured on Losing Sightcan you tell us how this came about?
MM:Touring with Kellin and Danny created friendships that I'm so thankful for. We hit it off right off the bat for obvious reasons but my friendships with both of them have become more than just "Tour Buddies". I love those dudes like brothers.

R13You've covered a very good cover of Grenade by Bruno Mars for the next instalment of Pop Goes Punk which is out in November, how was the decision made for this track?
MM:We felt that song was a great fit for us lyrically and instrumentally we were able to transform it into a Memphis May Fire song without too much hassle. It was so much fun to track so I'm stoked people are diggin it!